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  • 00165314 (4 Pack) | Bosch Dishwasher Roller Replacement
  • 00165314 Side
  • 00165314  Back
  • 00165314 Front

00165314 (4 Pack) | Bosch Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller Replacement

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SKU: APN165314_4PK
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Replacement lower dish rack roller used on some Bosch, Gaggenau, Kenmore, and Thermador dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 00165314, 165314, 420198, 423232, AH3439123, EA3439123, PS3439123, AP2802428, PS8697067, B00CISOQVG.


  • Roller and locking clip assembly.
  • Roller axle is part of the dish rack and therefore is NOT included in this assembly.
  • For even wear, the manufacturer suggests replacing roller wheels in pairs.
  • Approx. 1.375" diameter x 1" deep.

APN165314_4PK Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Bosch S35KMK16UC/47
Bosch S35KMK17UC/18
Bosch S35KMK17UC/27
Bosch S35KMK17UC/36
Bosch S35KMK17UC/40
Bosch S35KMK17UC/43
Bosch S35KMK17UC/46
Bosch SGV45E03UC/01
Bosch SGV45E03UC/18
Bosch SHE33M02UC/43
Bosch SHE33M02UC/47
Bosch SHE33M02UC/48
Bosch SHE33M02UC/50
Bosch SHE33M02UC/52
Bosch SHE33M02UC/53
Bosch SHE33M05UC/46
Bosch SHE33M05UC/47
Bosch SHE33M05UC/48
Bosch SHE33M05UC/50
Bosch SHE33M05UC/52
Bosch SHE33M05UC/53
Bosch SHE33M06UC/46
Bosch SHE33M06UC/47
Bosch SHE33M06UC/48
Bosch SHE33M06UC/50
Bosch SHE33M06UC/52
Bosch SHE33M06UC/53
Bosch SHE42L12UC/22
Bosch SHE42L12UC/23
Bosch SHE42L12UC/36
Bosch SHE42L12UC/37
Bosch SHE42L12UC/38
Bosch SHE42L12UC/40
Bosch SHE42L12UC/43
Bosch SHE42L12UC/46
Bosch SHE42L12UC/47
Bosch SHE42L12UC/50
Bosch SHE42L12UC/53
Bosch SHE42L15UC/22
Bosch SHE42L15UC/23
Bosch SHE42L15UC/36
Bosch SHE42L15UC/37
Bosch SHE42L15UC/38
Bosch SHE42L15UC/40
Bosch SHE42L15UC/43
Bosch SHE42L15UC/46
Bosch SHE42L15UC/47
Bosch SHE42L15UC/50
Bosch SHE42L15UC/52
Bosch SHE42L15UC/53
Bosch SHE42L16UC/22
Bosch SHE42L16UC/23
Bosch SHE42L16UC/36
Bosch SHE42L16UC/37
Bosch SHE42L16UC/38
Bosch SHE42L16UC/40
Bosch SHE42L16UC/43
Bosch SHE42L16UC/46
Bosch SHE42L16UC/47
Bosch SHE42L16UC/50
Bosch SHE43C02UC/18
Bosch SHE43C02UC/22
Bosch SHE43C02UC/36
Bosch SHE43C02UC/37
Bosch SHE43C02UC/38
Bosch SHE43C02UC/40
Bosch SHE43C02UC/43
Bosch SHE43C02UC/46
Bosch SHE43C02UC/47
Bosch SHE43C05UC/17
Bosch SHE43C05UC/22
Bosch SHE43C05UC/36
Bosch SHE43C05UC/37
Bosch SHE43C05UC/38
Bosch SHE43C05UC/40
Bosch SHE43C05UC/43
Bosch SHE43C05UC/46
Bosch SHE43C05UC/47
Bosch SHE43C06UC/18
Bosch SHE43C06UC/22
Bosch SHE43C06UC/36
Bosch SHE43C06UC/37
Bosch SHE43C06UC/38
Bosch SHE43C06UC/40
Bosch SHE43C06UC/43
Bosch SHE43F02UC/48
Bosch SHE43F02UC/50
Bosch SHE43F02UC/52
Bosch SHE43F02UC/53
Bosch SHE43F02UC/56
Bosch SHE43F05UC/48
Bosch SHE43F05UC/50
Bosch SHE43F05UC/52
Bosch SHE43F05UC/53
Bosch SHE43F05UC/56
Bosch SHE43F06UC/48
Bosch SHE43F06UC/50
Bosch SHE43F06UC/52
Bosch SHE43F06UC/53
Bosch SHE43M02UC/43
Bosch SHE43M02UC/46
Bosch SHE43M02UC/47
Bosch SHE43M02UC/48
Bosch SHE43M02UC/50
Bosch SHE43M02UC/52
Bosch SHE43M02UC/53
Bosch SHE43M05UC/43
Bosch SHE43M05UC/46
Bosch SHE43M05UC/47
Bosch SHE43M05UC/48
Bosch SHE43M05UC/50
Bosch SHE43M05UC/52
Bosch SHE43M05UC/53
Bosch SHE43M06UC/43
Bosch SHE43M06UC/46
Bosch SHE43M06UC/47
Bosch SHE43M06UC/48
Bosch SHE43M06UC/50
Bosch SHE43M06UC/52
Bosch SHE43M06UC/53
Bosch SHE43P05UC-56
Bosch SHE43P05UC/56
Bosch SHE43P06UC/56
Bosch SHE44C02UC/17
Bosch SHE44C02UC/22
Bosch SHE44C02UC/36
Bosch SHE44C02UC/38
Bosch SHE44C02UC/40
Bosch SHE44C02UC/43
Bosch SHE44C02UC/46
Bosch SHE44C02UC/47
Bosch SHE44C02UC/48
Bosch SHE44C05UC/20
Bosch SHE44C05UC/22
Bosch SHE44C05UC/36
Bosch SHE44C05UC/38
Bosch SHE44C05UC/40
Bosch SHE44C05UC/43
Bosch SHE44C05UC/46
Bosch SHE44C05UC/47
Bosch SHE44C05UC/48
Bosch SHE44C06UC/17
Bosch SHE44C06UC/22
Bosch SHE44C06UC/36
Bosch SHE44C06UC/38
Bosch SHE44C06UC/40
Bosch SHE44C06UC/43
Bosch SHE44C06UC/47
Bosch SHE44C06UC/48
Bosch SHE44C07UC/17
Bosch SHE44C07UC/22
Bosch SHE44C07UC/36
Bosch SHE44C07UC/38
Bosch SHE44C07UC/40
Bosch SHE44C07UC/43
Bosch SHE44C07UC/46
Bosch SHE44C07UC/47
Bosch SHE44C07UC/48
Bosch SHE45C02UC/40
Bosch SHE45C02UC/48
Bosch SHE45C02UC/50
Bosch SHE45C02UC/53
Bosch SHE45C02UC/56
Bosch SHE45C05UC/40
Bosch SHE45C05UC/48
Bosch SHE45C05UC/50
Bosch SHE45M02UC/46
Bosch SHE45M02UC/48
Bosch SHE45M02UC/50
Bosch SHE45M02UC/52
Bosch SHE45M02UC/53
Bosch SHE45M02UC/56
Bosch SHE45M05UC/46
Bosch SHE45M05UC/47
Bosch SHE45M05UC/48
Bosch SHE45M05UC/50
Bosch SHE45M05UC/52
Bosch SHE45M05UC/53
Bosch SHE45M05UC/56
Bosch SHE45M06UC/46
Bosch SHE45M06UC/48
Bosch SHE45M06UC/52
Bosch SHE45M06UC/53
Bosch SHE45M06UC/56
Bosch SHE46C02UC/17
Bosch SHE46C02UC/22
Bosch SHE46C02UC/33
Bosch SHE46C02UC/36
Bosch SHE46C02UC/38
Bosch SHE46C02UC/40
Bosch SHE46C02UC/43
Bosch SHE46C02UC/46
Bosch SHE46C02UC/47
Bosch SHE46C02UC/48
Bosch SHE46C05UC/17
Bosch SHE46C05UC/22
Bosch SHE46C05UC/33
Bosch SHE46C05UC/36
Bosch SHE46C05UC/38
Bosch SHE46C05UC/40
Bosch SHE46C05UC/43
Bosch SHE46C05UC/46
Bosch SHE46C05UC/47
Bosch SHE46C05UC/48
Bosch SHE46C06UC/17
Bosch SHE46C06UC/22
Bosch SHE46C06UC/33
Bosch SHE46C06UC/36
Bosch SHE46C06UC/38
Bosch SHE46C06UC/40
Bosch SHE46C06UC/43
Bosch SHE46C06UC/46
Bosch SHE46C06UC/47
Bosch SHE46C06UC/48
Bosch SHE47C02UC/18
Bosch SHE47C02UC/21
Bosch SHE47C05UC-21
Bosch SHE47C05UC/21
Bosch SHE47C06UC/21
Bosch SHE4AM12UC/01
Bosch SHE4AM12UC/02
Bosch SHE4AM15UC/01
Bosch SHE4AM16UC/01
Bosch SHE55C05UC/50
Bosch SHE55C05UC/53
Bosch SHE55M02UC-48
Bosch SHE55M02UC/48
Bosch SHE55M05UC/48
Bosch SHE55M06UC-48
Bosch SHE55M06UC/48
Bosch SHE55M12UC/50
Bosch SHE58C02UC/23
Bosch SHE58C02UC/38
Bosch SHE58C02UC/40
Bosch SHE58C02UC/43
Bosch SHE58C02UC/46
Bosch SHE58C02UC/47
Bosch SHE58C02UC/48
Bosch SHE58C02UC/50
Bosch SHE58C02UC/52
Bosch SHE58C02UC/53
Bosch SHE58C02UC/54
Bosch SHE5AM02UC/01
Bosch SHE5AM02UC01
Bosch SHE65P05UC-53
Bosch SHE65P05UC/53
Bosch SHE66C02UC/14
Bosch SHE66C02UC/22
Bosch SHE66C02UC/36
Bosch SHE66C02UC/38
Bosch SHE66C02UC/40
Bosch SHE66C02UC/43
Bosch SHE66C02UC/46
Bosch SHE66C02UC/47
Bosch SHE66C02UC/48
Bosch SHE66C02UC22
Bosch SHE66C05UC/22
Bosch SHE66C05UC22
Bosch SHE66C06UC/22
Bosch SHE66C06UC/46
Bosch SHE66C06UC22
Bosch SHE66C06UC46
Bosch SHE68M02UC/47
Bosch SHE68M02UC47
Bosch SHE68M05UC/46
Bosch SHE68M05UC/47
Bosch SHE68M05UC/50
Bosch SHE68M05UC/52
Bosch SHE68M05UC/53
Bosch SHE68M05UC47
Bosch SHE68M06UC/47
Bosch SHE68M06UC47
Bosch SHE99C05UC/19
Bosch SHE99C05UC/36
Bosch SHE99C05UC/38
Bosch SHE99C05UC/40
Bosch SHE99C05UC/43
Bosch SHE99C05UC/46
Bosch SHE99C05UC/47
Bosch SHE99C05UC/48
Bosch SHI4302
Bosch SHI4302UC-12
Bosch SHI4302UC/12
Bosch SHI4306
Bosch SHI4306UC-12
Bosch SHI4306UC/12
Bosch SHI66A05UC/14
Bosch SHI66A05UC/14 (FD8211)
Bosch SHI66A05UC/23
Bosch SHI6802
Bosch SHI6802UC-06
Bosch SHI6802UC-11
Bosch SHI6802UC-12
Bosch SHI6802UC/06
Bosch SHI6802UC/11
Bosch SHI6802UC/12
Bosch SHI6805
Bosch SHI6805UC-06
Bosch SHI6805UC-11
Bosch SHI6805UC-12
Bosch SHI6805UC/06
Bosch SHI6805UC/11
Bosch SHI6805UC/12
Bosch SHI6806
Bosch SHI6806UC-06
Bosch SHI6806UC-11
Bosch SHI6806UC-12
Bosch SHI6806UC/06
Bosch SHI6806UC/11
Bosch SHI6806UC/12
Bosch SHU3002UC-06
Bosch SHU3002UC/06
Bosch SHU3006UC-06
Bosch SHU3006UC/06
Bosch SHU3012UC-06
Bosch SHU3012UC/06
Bosch SHU3016UC-06
Bosch SHU3016UC/06
Bosch SHU3302UC-06
Bosch SHU3302UC-11
Bosch SHU3302UC-12
Bosch SHU3302UC/06
Bosch SHU3302UC/11
Bosch SHU3302UC/12
Bosch SHU3302UC/14
Bosch SHU3305UC-06
Bosch SHU3305UC-11
Bosch SHU3305UC-12
Bosch SHU3305UC/06
Bosch SHU3305UC/11
Bosch SHU3305UC/12
Bosch SHU3305UC/14
Bosch SHU3306UC-06
Bosch SHU3306UC-11
Bosch SHU3306UC-12
Bosch SHU3306UC/06
Bosch SHU3306UC/11
Bosch SHU3306UC/12
Bosch SHU3306UC/14
Bosch SHU3307UC-12
Bosch SHU3307UC/12
Bosch SHU3307UC/14
Bosch SHU3322UC-06
Bosch SHU3322UC-11
Bosch SHU3322UC-12
Bosch SHU3322UC/06
Bosch SHU3322UC/11
Bosch SHU3322UC/12
Bosch SHU3322UC/14
Bosch SHU3326UC-06
Bosch SHU3326UC-11
Bosch SHU3326UC-12
Bosch SHU3326UC/06
Bosch SHU3326UC/11
Bosch SHU3326UC/12
Bosch SHU3326UC/14
Bosch SHU3336UC-06
Bosch SHU3336UC-11
Bosch SHU3336UC-12
Bosch SHU3336UC/06
Bosch SHU3336UC/11
Bosch SHU3336UC/12
Bosch SHU3336UC/14
Bosch SHU33A02UC/14
Bosch SHU33A02UC/22
Bosch SHU33A02UC/36
Bosch SHU33A02UC/37
Bosch SHU33A02UC/38
Bosch SHU33A02UC/40
Bosch SHU33A02UC/43
Bosch SHU33A02UC/46
Bosch SHU33A02UC/47
Bosch SHU33A02UC14
Bosch SHU33A02UC40
Bosch SHU33A05UC/22
Bosch SHU33A05UC/36
Bosch SHU33A05UC/37
Bosch SHU33A05UC/38
Bosch SHU33A05UC/40
Bosch SHU33A05UC/43
Bosch SHU33A05UC/46
Bosch SHU33A05UC/47
Bosch SHU33A06UC/14
Bosch SHU33A06UC/22
Bosch SHU33A06UC/36
Bosch SHU33A06UC/37
Bosch SHU33A06UC/38
Bosch SHU33A06UC/40
Bosch SHU33A06UC/43
Bosch SHU33A06UC/46
Bosch SHU33A06UC/47
Bosch SHU33A06UC14
Bosch SHU33AC02UC/14
Bosch SHU33AC02UC14
Bosch SHU33AC06UC/14
Bosch SHU33AC06UC14
Bosch SHU4002UC-06
Bosch SHU4002UC/06
Bosch SHU4006UC-06
Bosch SHU4006UC/06
Bosch SHU4016UC-06
Bosch SHU4016UC/06
Bosch SHU4022UC-06
Bosch SHU4022UC/06
Bosch SHU4026UC-06
Bosch SHU4026UC/06
Bosch SHU4036UC-06
Bosch SHU4036UC/06
Bosch SHU4302
Bosch SHU4306
Bosch SHU4312
Bosch SHU4316
Bosch SHU4316UC-06
Bosch SHU4316UC-11
Bosch SHU4316UC-12
Bosch SHU4316UC/06
Bosch SHU4316UC/11
Bosch SHU4316UC/12
Bosch SHU4322UC-12
Bosch SHU4322UC/12
Bosch SHU4326UC-12
Bosch SHU4326UC/12
Bosch SHU43C02UC-14
Bosch SHU43C02UC/12
Bosch SHU43C02UC/14
Bosch SHU43C02UC/17
Bosch SHU43C02UC/22
Bosch SHU43C02UC/36
Bosch SHU43C02UC/37
Bosch SHU43C02UC/38
Bosch SHU43C02UC/40
Bosch SHU43C02UC/43
Bosch SHU43C02UC/46
Bosch SHU43C02UC/47
Bosch SHU43C02UC14
Bosch SHU43C02UC17
Bosch SHU43C05UC-14
Bosch SHU43C05UC/14
Bosch SHU43C05UC/17
Bosch SHU43C05UC14
Bosch SHU43C05UC17
Bosch SHU43C06UC-14
Bosch SHU43C06UC-17
Bosch SHU43C06UC/14
Bosch SHU43C06UC/17
Bosch SHU43C06UC14
Bosch SHU43C06UC17
Bosch SHU43C07UC-14
Bosch SHU43C07UC-17
Bosch SHU43C07UC/14
Bosch SHU43C07UC/17
Bosch SHU43C07UC14
Bosch SHU43C07UC17
Bosch SHU43E02UC/14
Bosch SHU43E02UC14
Bosch SHU43E05UC/14
Bosch SHU43E05UC14
Bosch SHU43E06UC/14
Bosch SHU43E06UC14
Bosch SHU43E07UC/14
Bosch SHU43E07UC14
Bosch SHU5302UC/06
Bosch SHU5302UC/10
Bosch SHU5302UC/11
Bosch SHU5302UC/12
Bosch SHU5302UC/14
Bosch SHU5305UC-06
Bosch SHU5305UC-11
Bosch SHU5305UC-12
Bosch SHU5305UC/06
Bosch SHU5305UC/11
Bosch SHU5305UC/12
Bosch SHU5306UC/06
Bosch SHU5306UC/11
Bosch SHU5306UC/12
Bosch SHU5307UC-12
Bosch SHU5307UC/12
Bosch SHU5312
Bosch SHU5312UC-06
Bosch SHU5312UC-11
Bosch SHU5312UC-12
Bosch SHU5312UC/06
Bosch SHU5312UC/11
Bosch SHU5312UC/12
Bosch SHU5314
Bosch SHU5314UC-06
Bosch SHU5314UC-11
Bosch SHU5314UC-12
Bosch SHU5314UC/06
Bosch SHU5314UC/11
Bosch SHU5314UC/12
Bosch SHU5315
Bosch SHU5315UC-06
Bosch SHU5315UC-11
Bosch SHU5315UC-12
Bosch SHU5315UC/06
Bosch SHU5315UC/11
Bosch SHU5315UC/12
Bosch SHU5316
Bosch SHU5316UC-06
Bosch SHU5316UC-11
Bosch SHU5316UC-12
Bosch SHU5316UC/06
Bosch SHU5316UC/11
Bosch SHU5316UC/12
Bosch SHU5317UC-12
Bosch SHU5317UC/12
Bosch SHU53A02UC/14
Bosch SHU53A02UC14
Bosch SHU53A05UC/14
Bosch SHU53A05UC14
Bosch SHU53A06UC/14
Bosch SHU53A06UC14
Bosch SHU53E02UC/14
Bosch SHU53E02UC14
Bosch SHU53E05UC/14
Bosch SHU53E05UC14
Bosch SHU53E06UC/14
Bosch SHU53E06UC14
Bosch SHU66E02UC/14
Bosch SHU66E02UC14
Bosch SHU66E05UC/14
Bosch SHU66E05UC14
Bosch SHU66E07UC/14
Bosch SHU66E07UC14
Bosch SHU6802UC-06
Bosch SHU6802UC-11
Bosch SHU6802UC-12
Bosch SHU6802UC/06
Bosch SHU6802UC/11
Bosch SHU6802UC/12
Bosch SHU6805UC-06
Bosch SHU6805UC-11
Bosch SHU6805UC-12
Bosch SHU6805UC-14
Bosch SHU6805UC/06
Bosch SHU6805UC/11
Bosch SHU6805UC/12
Bosch SHU6805UC/14
Bosch SHU6805UC06
Bosch SHU6805UC11
Bosch SHU6805UC12
Bosch SHU6805UC14
Bosch SHU6806UC
Bosch SHU6806UC-06
Bosch SHU6806UC-11
Bosch SHU6806UC-12
Bosch SHU6806UC/06
Bosch SHU6806UC/11
Bosch SHU6806UC/12
Bosch SHU9912UC-06
Bosch SHU9912UC/06
Bosch SHU9915UC-06 (FD 7908-8002)
Bosch SHU9915UC-11 (FD 8002-8003)
Bosch SHU9915UC-12 (FD 8003)
Bosch SHU9915UC/11
Bosch SHU9922UC-12
Bosch SHU9922UC/12
Bosch SHU9925UC-12
Bosch SHU9925UC/12
Bosch SHU9925UC12
Bosch SHU9926UC-12
Bosch SHU9926UC/12
Bosch SHU9952UC-12
Bosch SHU9952UC/12
Bosch SHU9955UC/12
Bosch SHU9956UC-12
Bosch SHU9956UC/12
Bosch SHV4303
Bosch SHV4303UC-06 (FD 7712-8002)
Bosch SHV4303UC-11 (FD8002-8003)
Bosch SHV4303UC-12 (FD 8003)
Bosch SHV45M03UC-48
Bosch SHV45M03UC/48
Bosch SHV46C03UC-14 (FD8211)
Bosch SHV46C13UC/21
Bosch SHV46C13UC/26
Bosch SHV46C13UC/28
Bosch SHV46C13UC/30
Bosch SHV46C13UC/33
Bosch SHV46C13UC/36
Bosch SHV46C13UC/38
Bosch SHV46C13UC/40
Bosch SHV46C13UC/43
Bosch SHV46C13UC/46
Bosch SHV4803
Bosch SHV4803UC-06(FD7712-7812,7905-7907)
Bosch SHV4803UC-07(FD7812-7905,7907-8010)
Bosch SHV57C03UC/22
Bosch SHV66A03UC-14
Bosch SHV68M03UC/46
Bosch SHV68M03UC/50
Bosch SHV68M03UC/52
Bosch SHV68M03UC/53
Bosch SHV99A03UC-14
Bosch SHV99A03UC/14
Bosch SHV99A13UC-19
Bosch SHV99A13UC/19
Bosch SHX33A02UC/21
Bosch SHX33A02UC/22
Bosch SHX33A02UC/30
Bosch SHX33A02UC/36
Bosch SHX33A02UC/38
Bosch SHX33A02UC/40
Bosch SHX33A02UC/42
Bosch SHX33A02UC/43
Bosch SHX33A02UC/46
Bosch SHX33A05UC-21
Bosch SHX33A05UC/21
Bosch SHX33A05UC/22
Bosch SHX33A05UC/30
Bosch SHX33A05UC/35
Bosch SHX33A05UC/36
Bosch SHX33A05UC/38
Bosch SHX33A05UC/40
Bosch SHX33A05UC/43
Bosch SHX33A05UC/46
Bosch SHX33A06UC-21
Bosch SHX33A06UC/21
Bosch SHX33M02UC/43
Bosch SHX33M02UC/46
Bosch SHX33M02UC/50
Bosch SHX33M02UC/52
Bosch SHX33M02UC/53
Bosch SHX33M05UC/46
Bosch SHX33M06UC-46
Bosch SHX33M06UC/46
Bosch SHX36L05UC/18
Bosch SHX36L05UC/21
Bosch SHX3AM02UC/01
Bosch SHX3AM05UC/01
Bosch SHX3AM06UC/01
Bosch SHX43C02UC/21
Bosch SHX43C02UC/26
Bosch SHX43C02UC/40
Bosch SHX43C02UC/43
Bosch SHX43C02UC/46
Bosch SHX43C02UC/50
Bosch SHX43C02UC/53
Bosch SHX43C05UC/21
Bosch SHX43C05UC/26
Bosch SHX43C05UC/33
Bosch SHX43C05UC/35
Bosch SHX43C05UC/36
Bosch SHX43C05UC/38
Bosch SHX43C05UC/40
Bosch SHX43C05UC/43
Bosch SHX43C05UC/46
Bosch SHX43C05UC/50
Bosch SHX43C05UC/52
Bosch SHX43C05UC/53
Bosch SHX43C05UC/56
Bosch SHX43E02UC/14
Bosch SHX43E05UC/14
Bosch SHX43E06UC/14
Bosch SHX43E06UC14
Bosch SHX43M02UC-48
Bosch SHX43M02UC/48
Bosch SHX43M05UC/46
Bosch SHX43M05UC/48
Bosch SHX43M05UC/50
Bosch SHX43M05UC/52
Bosch SHX43M05UC/53
Bosch SHX45M01UC/48
Bosch SHX45M02UC/48
Bosch SHX45M05UC/48
Bosch SHX45M06UC-48
Bosch SHX45M06UC/48
Bosch SHX46A02UC-14
Bosch SHX46A02UC-21
Bosch SHX46A02UC/14
Bosch SHX46A02UC/21
Bosch SHX46A05UC/14
Bosch SHX46A05UC/21
Bosch SHX46A05UC/23
Bosch SHX46A05UC/26
Bosch SHX46A05UC/30
Bosch SHX46A05UC/33
Bosch SHX46A05UC/35
Bosch SHX46A05UC/36
Bosch SHX46A05UC/38
Bosch SHX46A05UC/40
Bosch SHX46A05UC/43
Bosch SHX46A05UC/46
Bosch SHX46A06UC/14
Bosch SHX46A06UC/21
Bosch SHX46A07UC/14
Bosch SHX46B02UC/14
Bosch SHX46B05UC-14 (FD8211)
Bosch SHX46B05UC/14
Bosch SHX46B05UC/21
Bosch SHX46B06UC/14
Bosch SHX46B07UC/14
Bosch SHX46L05UC/18
Bosch SHX46L15UC/24
Bosch SHX46L15UC/33
Bosch SHX46L15UC/35
Bosch SHX46L15UC/36
Bosch SHX46L15UC/38
Bosch SHX46L15UC/40
Bosch SHX46L15UC/43
Bosch SHX46L15UC/46
Bosch SHX46L15UC/48
Bosch SHX46L15UC/50
Bosch SHX46L15UC/52
Bosch SHX46L15UC/53
Bosch SHX46L15UC/55
Bosch SHX55M02UC-46
Bosch SHX55M02UC/46
Bosch SHX55M02UC/50
Bosch SHX55M02UC/52
Bosch SHX55M02UC/53
Bosch SHX55M05UC/46
Bosch SHX55M05UC/50
Bosch SHX55M05UC/52
Bosch SHX55M05UC/53
Bosch SHX55M06UC/46
Bosch SHX55M06UC/50
Bosch SHX55M06UC/52
Bosch SHX55M06UC/53
Bosch SHX56B06UC/14
Bosch SHX56B06UC/23
Bosch SHX57C02UC/21
Bosch SHX57C02UC21
Bosch SHX57C05UC/14
Bosch SHX57C05UC/21
Bosch SHX57C05UC/31
Bosch SHX57C05UC/36
Bosch SHX57C05UC/38
Bosch SHX57C05UC/40
Bosch SHX57C05UC/43
Bosch SHX57C05UC/46
Bosch SHX57C05UC/47
Bosch SHX57C05UC/48
Bosch SHX57C06UC21
Bosch SHX6AP02UC/01
Bosch SHX6AP05UC/01
Bosch SHX6AP06UC-01
Bosch SHX6AP06UC/01
Bosch SHX98M09UC/46
Bosch SHX98M09UC/49
Bosch SHX98M09UC/50
Bosch SHX98M09UC/51
Bosch SHX98M09UC/52
Bosch SHX98M09UC/53
Bosch SHX99A15UC-19
Bosch SHX99A15UC/19
Bosch SHX99B05UC/14
Bosch SHX99B05UC14
Bosch SHX99B06UC/14
Bosch SHX99B06UC14
Bosch SHY56A05UC/14
Bosch SHY56A05UC/23
Bosch SHY66C02UC-14
Bosch SHY66C02UC/14
Bosch SHY66C05UC-14
Bosch SHY66C05UC/14
Bosch SHY66C06UC-14
Bosch SHY66C06UC/14
Bosch SRV53C03UC-30
Bosch SRV53C03UC/30
Bosch SRV53C13UC-01
Bosch SRV53C13UC/01
Bosch SRX53C15UC/01
Kenmore 63016302400
Kenmore 63016302401
Kenmore 63016302402
Kenmore 63016302403
Kenmore 63016302404
Kenmore 63016302405
Kenmore 63016302406
Kenmore 63016303400
Kenmore 63016303401
Kenmore 63016303402
Kenmore 63016303403
Kenmore 63016303404
Kenmore 63016303405
Kenmore 63016303406
Kenmore 63016304400
Kenmore 63016304401
Kenmore 63016304402
Kenmore 63016304403
Kenmore 63016304404
Kenmore 63016304405
Kenmore 63016304406
Kenmore 63016309400
Kenmore 63016309401
Kenmore 63016309402
Kenmore 63016309403
Kenmore 63016309404
Kenmore 63016309405
Kenmore 63016309406
Kenmore 63017303400
Kenmore 63017303401
Kenmore 63017303402
Kenmore 63017303403
Kenmore 63017303404
Kenmore 63017303405
Thermador DW244UB
Thermador DW244UW
Thermador DW245UB
Thermador DW245UW
Thermador DW246UB
Thermador DW246US
Thermador DW246UW
Thermador DWHD94EP/46
Thermador DWHD94EP/48
Thermador DWHD94EP/49
Thermador DWHD94EP/50
Thermador DWHD94EP/51
Thermador DWHD94EP/53
Thermador DWI246UB
Thermador DWI246UW

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Reviews

  1. Easy fix! Inexpensive! Fast!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2018

    Replaced a few missing rollers on the dishwasher rack. Goes in and out smoothly now and it is a pleasure to have fixed that small daily annoyance. Can't discern any difference in quality between the original Bosch rollers and these replacements.

  2. Rollers for bosch dishwasher

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2017

    Product fit just like factory parts and liwer tray rolling again.

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