How Can I Extend the Life of My Dishwasher?

24th Dec 2020

A modern dishwasher has a typical life span of between seven and twelve years. By following these simple steps, your dishwasher should live a full life and continue to run efficiently.1. Clean the fil … read more

Tips On Getting Your Freezer Clean

24th Dec 2020

How to Clean Your FreezerCleaning the freezer is usually pretty far down the list of kitchen tasks – after all, it pretty much takes care of itself, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly! If you’ve ever spill … read more

Get That Refrigerator Clean in 5 Easy Steps

24th Dec 2020

Now that the holidays are over and the leftovers are beginning to clear out, it is a good time to whip your refrigerator back into shape for the New Year.Follow these steps to get your fridge cleaned … read more

Eliminate Dishwasher Odors

24th Dec 2020

Over time, odor can build up on the surfaces inside your dishwasher and in hard-to-clean places like the hoses and grinding mechanism of your disposal. Running a cycle or using bleach may temporarily … read more

Basic Washing Machine Repair Tips

24th Dec 2020

The washing machine is up there with the refrigerator and the heater/AC unit as one of the three most vital home appliances in modern life. When any of these three machines goes south, it can be cause … read more

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