The History of Frigidaire

18th May 2016

A Brief History of Frigidaire The group Frigidaire originated in 1918 with the acquisition of Guardian Frigerator Company by General Motors. The name change was just the first of many large change … read more

Tide Detergent Through the Years

25th Apr 2016

Tide Detergent Washing powders were the first form of laundry detergent, making it easier to clean clothes thoroughly without spending too much time scrubbing. Since then cleaning agent brands beg … read more
Maytag Through The Years

Maytag Through The Years

6th Apr 2016

A Brief History of Maytag“Maytag” is a popular American appliance brand which has been catering to both homeowners and business proprietors since it was founded by Frederick Maytag in 1893. While th … read more

Troubleshooting Tips for Your New Water Filter

30th Mar 2016

Troubleshooting tips for your new water filter!Spring is in the air, so why not start the season with spring-fresh water? With these troubleshooting tips, and a new water filter, your fridge will disp … read more

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