Q&A Excerpt with the Latest Scholarship Recipient, Darrell Clevenger

24th Dec 2020

Q: What branch of the military did you serve in, and for how many years?

I served in 3 branches: Marine Corps (1993-1999), US Army (1999-2003), National Guard (IN & NC)(2003-2013) (Retired).Q: What were your main duties in the military?
In the Marine Corps I was an AV-8B Harrier II Plane Captain (Powerplant & Flight Line) as well a Marksmanship Instructor. In the US Army I was a Combat Medic for an Infantry Company at Fort Campbell, KY and Camp Grieves South Korea. And in the Guard I was a Blackhawk Crew Chief for an Assault Unit, as well as a Medevac both serving tours in Iraq, and an OH-58 A/C Maintenance Team Leader for a Counter Drug Unit here in Indiana.Q: What's your hometown? My hometown is Union City, IN. Currently, I live in Indianapolis, IN as a Self-Employed Appliance Repairman.

Q: What are your goals going into the appliance repair field?

To grow my knowledge and expand my company, to put it plain and simple.

Q:What advice would you have for anyone thinking about entering a branch of the military?

As far as Knowledge & Advice, don't go in blind. Use that service to gain a valuable skill and translate that to a market in the civilian sector. Use the benefits to your advantage and get schooling as well as a trade skill out of it.

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