Troubleshooting Tips for Your New Water Filter

30th Mar 2016

Troubleshooting tips for your new water filter!

Spring is in the air, so why not start the season with spring-fresh water? With these troubleshooting tips, and a new water filter, your fridge will dispense the cleanest water possible!

1. Be sure to flush your new filter!
Whenever installing a new filter, it's important to dispense 3-5 gallons of water to flush out any particles trapped in the filter from shipping.
2. Water not dispensing?
If, after installing a new filter, water isn't pouring out properly, it's likely the new filter isn't fully secured. If it's snapped in but still isn't working, try reinstalling the old filter. If that doesn't work, the issue could be the water valve.

3. Water flow stuttering?
If your fridge is dispensing water, but with an irregular flow pattern, there's probably air trapped in the line. This is easily remedied by letting water flow out for a few minutes.

4. A small water drip?
If there's a leak in your dispenser, try removing your filter and re-installing it. Make sure it's locked in with a firm twist.

5. Water filter looks dirty?
While it's recommended to replace your water filter every 6 months, you may need to act sooner if your dispenser gets used a lot. Also, if your water quality is below average, the filter will be removing more harmful particles each use, which could clog your filter faster.

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