5 Reasons to Clean Your Dryer Lint trap

5 Reasons to Clean Your Dryer Lint trap

Posted by Staff Writer on 17th Jun 2017

Reasons to clean your dryer lint trap

Dryer Lint

The dryer can be of different types. Not every dryer is built with a similar design. There are some dryers in which the lint trap is visible and then there are some in which it is invisible. However, if the lint trap of your dryer is visible, there is a need to clean it every now and then. It is always best to put up a reminder for doing this so that you do not skip the cleaning process. Cleaning of the lint trap is quite easy which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on it. There are a lot of reasons due to which you need to do this. Major reasons are explained below:

To increase the efficiency:

The first and the most important reason due to which you need to clean the dryer lint trap is to increase its efficiency. When the dryer has too much of lint, it will be harder to work in a proper way. As a result, the dryer will put more force than usual that will decrease the efficiency of your dryer.

Reduction of fire risk:

The lint that is captured in the lint trap is quite flammable which means there is always a danger of fire. The lint should be cleaned in order to save yourself from the fire. According to the fire fighters, the most common source due to which the houses get fires is fire from the lint. The change in the amount of electricity that is used by the dryer can also trigger the fire and it will maximize because of the lint.

The drying process will become slower:

The presence of lint will mean that the hot and moist air will not get pass through the dryer. As a result, the clothes cannot be dried in a proper way and they will require a great amount of time for this. But when the dryer is free from the lint, the clothes can be dried in a shorter span.

The decrease in the electricity bill:

The lint will hinder in the proper functioning of the dryer, as a result, a lot of pressure will exceed when it works. Due to this pressure, the consumption of electricity will also increase hence doubling your electricity expense. Cleaning it will save you from paying extra electricity bills.

The long life of dryer:

The cleaning of lint trap frequently will play a big role in the life of the dryer. When they are properly cleaned, the dryer will work effectively and without putting any extra pressure on them. As a result, they will last longer.

These are the major reasons due to which you need to clean the lint trap of your dryer. Let you and your family live in a hazard-free environment. Get rid of the lint as soon as possible to effectively use your dryer. 

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