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  • 8193983 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Spray Arm Spinner Replacement
  • 8193983 Back
  • 8193983 Bottom
  • 8193983 Top
  • 8193983 Front

8193983 | Whirlpool Dishwasher Spray Arm Spinner Replacement

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SKU: APN8193983
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Replacement upper spray arm spinner used on some Amana, Estate, Ikea, Inglis, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Roper and Whirlpool dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 8193983, AP3775842, 1059750, 8557720, PS972316, B008DK54O6, B0054TT64I, B00RKNSPRU, B0156NATOC.


  • Approx. 3.5"L x 1.75"W.

APN8193983 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Whirlpool KUDS50FVSS0
Whirlpool KUDS50FVSS2
Whirlpool KUDS50FVSS3
Whirlpool KUDS50FVSS4
Whirlpool KUDS50FVWH0
Whirlpool KUDS50FVWH2
Whirlpool KUDS50FVWH3
Whirlpool KUDS50FVWH4
Whirlpool KUDS50SVBL0
Whirlpool KUDS50SVBL2
Whirlpool KUDS50SVBL3
Whirlpool KUDS50SVBL4
Whirlpool KUDS50SVSS0
Whirlpool KUDS50SVSS2
Whirlpool KUDS50SVSS3
Whirlpool KUDS50SVSS4
Whirlpool KUDS50SVWH0
Whirlpool KUDS50SVWH2
Whirlpool KUDS50SVWH3
Whirlpool KUDS50SVWH4
Whirlpool KUDT03FTBL0
Whirlpool KUDT03FTBL1
Whirlpool KUDT03FTBL2
Whirlpool KUDT03FTBL3
Whirlpool KUDT03FTPA0
Whirlpool KUDT03FTPA1
Whirlpool KUDT03FTPA2
Whirlpool KUDT03FTPA3
Whirlpool KUDT03FTSS1
Whirlpool KUDT03FTSS3
Whirlpool KUDT03FTWH0
Whirlpool KUDT03FTWH1
Whirlpool KUDT03FTWH3
Whirlpool KUDT03STBL0
Whirlpool KUDT03STBL1
Whirlpool KUDT03STBL2
Whirlpool KUDT03STBL3
Whirlpool KUDT03STSS1
Whirlpool KUDT03STSS3
Whirlpool KUDT03STWH1
Whirlpool KUDT03STWH2
Whirlpool KUDT03STWH3
Whirlpool KUDU02FRBL0
Whirlpool KUDU02FRBL1
Whirlpool KUDU02FRBL2
Whirlpool KUDU02FRBL3
Whirlpool KUDU02FRBL4
Whirlpool KUDU02FRSS1
Whirlpool KUDU02FRSS3
Whirlpool KUDU02FRSS4
Whirlpool KUDU02FRWH1
Whirlpool KUDU02FRWH2
Whirlpool KUDU02FRWH3
Whirlpool KUDU02FRWH4
Whirlpool KUDU02VRMT0
Whirlpool KUDU02VRMT1
Whirlpool KUDU02VRPA0
Whirlpool KUDU02VRSS0
Whirlpool KUDU02VRSS1
Whirlpool KUDU02VSPA1
Whirlpool KUDU02VSPA3
Whirlpool KUDU02VSPA4
Whirlpool KUDU03FTBL0
Whirlpool KUDU03FTBL1
Whirlpool KUDU03FTBL2
Whirlpool KUDU03FTBL3
Whirlpool KUDU03FTPA0
Whirlpool KUDU03FTPA3
Whirlpool KUDU03FTSS1
Whirlpool KUDU03FTSS3
Whirlpool KUDU03FTWH0
Whirlpool KUDU03FTWH1
Whirlpool KUDU03FTWH2
Whirlpool KUDU03FTWH3
Whirlpool KUDU03STBL0
Whirlpool KUDU03STBL1
Whirlpool KUDU03STBL2
Whirlpool KUDU03STBL3
Whirlpool KUDU03STSS1
Whirlpool KUDU03STSS3
Whirlpool KUDU03STWH0
Whirlpool KUDU03STWH1
Whirlpool KUDU03STWH2
Whirlpool KUDU03STWH3
Whirlpool KUDW02FRBL0
Whirlpool KUDW02FRBL3
Whirlpool KUDW02FRBL4
Whirlpool KUDW02FRSS3
Whirlpool KUDW02FRSS4
Whirlpool KUDW02FRWH0
Whirlpool KUDW02FRWH2
Whirlpool KUDW02FRWH3
Whirlpool KUDW02FRWH4
Whirlpool KUDW03CTBL1
Whirlpool KUDW03CTBL3
Whirlpool KUDW03CTSS0
Whirlpool KUDW03CTSS1
Whirlpool KUDW03CTSS2
Whirlpool KUDW03CTSS3
Whirlpool KUDW03CTWH0
Whirlpool KUDW03CTWH1
Whirlpool KUDW03CTWH2
Whirlpool KUDW03CTWH3
Whirlpool KUDX03FTSS1
Whirlpool KUDX03FTSS2
Whirlpool KUDX03FTSS3
Whirlpool MDB4709AWB0
Whirlpool MDB4709AWB1
Whirlpool MDB4709AWQ0
Whirlpool MDB4709AWQ1
Whirlpool MDB4709AWS0
Whirlpool MDB4709AWS1
Whirlpool MDB4709AWW0
Whirlpool MDB4709AWW1
Whirlpool MDB6709AWB0
Whirlpool MDB6709AWB1
Whirlpool MDB6709AWQ0
Whirlpool MDB6709AWQ1
Whirlpool MDB6709AWS0
Whirlpool MDB6709AWS1
Whirlpool MDB6709AWW0
Whirlpool MDB6709AWW1
Whirlpool MDB6769AWB0
Whirlpool MDB6769AWB1
Whirlpool MDB6769AWQ0
Whirlpool MDB6769AWQ1
Whirlpool MDB6769AWS0
Whirlpool MDB6769AWS1
Whirlpool MDB6769AWW0
Whirlpool MDB6769AWW1
Whirlpool MDB7609AWB0
Whirlpool MDB7609AWB1
Whirlpool MDB7609AWB2
Whirlpool MDB7609AWS0
Whirlpool MDB7609AWS1
Whirlpool MDB7609AWS2
Whirlpool MDB7609AWW0
Whirlpool MDB7609AWW1
Whirlpool MDB7609AWW2
Whirlpool MDB7709AWB0
Whirlpool MDB7709AWB1
Whirlpool MDB7709AWB2
Whirlpool MDB7709AWQ0
Whirlpool MDB7709AWQ1
Whirlpool MDB7709AWQ2
Whirlpool MDB7709AWS0
Whirlpool MDB7709AWS1
Whirlpool MDB7709AWS2
Whirlpool MDB7709AWW0
Whirlpool MDB7709AWW1
Whirlpool MDB7709AWW2
Whirlpool MDB7759AWB0
Whirlpool MDB7759AWS0
Whirlpool MDB7759AWW0
Whirlpool MDB7809AWB0
Whirlpool MDB7809AWB1
Whirlpool MDB7809AWB2
Whirlpool MDB7809AWM0
Whirlpool MDB7809AWM1
Whirlpool MDB7809AWM2
Whirlpool MDB7809AWQ0
Whirlpool MDB7809AWQ1
Whirlpool MDB7809AWQ2
Whirlpool MDB7809AWW0
Whirlpool MDB7809AWW1
Whirlpool MDB7809AWW2
Whirlpool MDB8859AWB0
Whirlpool MDB8859AWB1
Whirlpool MDB8859AWB2
Whirlpool MDB8859AWB3
Whirlpool MDB8859AWS0
Whirlpool MDB8859AWS1
Whirlpool MDB8859AWS2
Whirlpool MDB8859AWS3
Whirlpool MDB8859AWW0
Whirlpool MDB8859AWW1
Whirlpool MDB8859AWW2
Whirlpool MDB8859AWW3
Whirlpool MDB8959AWB0
Whirlpool MDB8959AWB1
Whirlpool MDB8959AWB2
Whirlpool MDB8959AWB3
Whirlpool MDB8959AWS0
Whirlpool MDB8959AWS1
Whirlpool MDB8959AWS2
Whirlpool MDB8959AWS3
Whirlpool MDB8959AWW0
Whirlpool MDB8959AWW1
Whirlpool MDB8959AWW2
Whirlpool MDB8959AWW3
Whirlpool MDBH949AWB0
Whirlpool MDBH949AWB1
Whirlpool MDBH949AWQ0
Whirlpool MDBH949AWQ1
Whirlpool MDBH949AWS0
Whirlpool MDBH949AWS1
Whirlpool MDBH949AWW0
Whirlpool MDBH949AWW1
Whirlpool MDBH969AWB0
Whirlpool MDBH969AWB1
Whirlpool MDBH969AWQ0
Whirlpool MDBH969AWQ1
Whirlpool MDBH969AWS0
Whirlpool MDBH969AWS1
Whirlpool MDBH969AWW0
Whirlpool MDBH979AWB1
Whirlpool MDBH979AWB2
Whirlpool MDBH979AWB3
Whirlpool MDBH979AWS1
Whirlpool MDBH979AWS2
Whirlpool MDBH979AWS3
Whirlpool MDBH979AWW1
Whirlpool MDBH979AWW2
Whirlpool MDBH979AWW3
Whirlpool MDBH989AWB1
Whirlpool MDBH989AWB2
Whirlpool MDBH989AWB3
Whirlpool MDBH989AWQ1
Whirlpool MDBH989AWQ2
Whirlpool MDBH989AWQ3
Whirlpool MDBH989AWS1
Whirlpool MDBH989AWS2
Whirlpool MDBH989AWS3
Whirlpool MDBH989AWW1
Whirlpool MDBH989AWW2
Whirlpool MDBH989AWW3
Whirlpool MDBTT53AWB0
Whirlpool MDBTT53AWB1
Whirlpool MDBTT53AWW0
Whirlpool MDBTT53AWW1
Whirlpool MDC4809AWB0
Whirlpool MDC4809AWW0
Whirlpool RUD8000RQ0
Whirlpool RUD8000RQ1
Whirlpool RUD8000SQ0
Whirlpool RUD8050RD0
Whirlpool RUD8050SD0
Whirlpool RUD8050SD1
Whirlpool RUD8050SD2
Whirlpool TUD8700RQ0
Whirlpool TUD8700SQ0
Whirlpool TUD8700SQ1
Whirlpool TUD8700WB0
Whirlpool TUD8700WB1
Whirlpool TUD8700WD0
Whirlpool TUD8700WD1
Whirlpool TUD8700WQ0
Whirlpool TUD8700WQ1
Whirlpool TUD8700WS0

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