Sometimes USPS's tracking seems to get held up at certain locations. If your order seems to be held up, these are the steps you should take to find out if there's a problem, or if the tracking system just hasn't updated correctly.

1. Get Notifications
The first thing you should do, is sign up to receive notifications on the movement of your order. Sometimes just doing this will cause the system to update and show movement of the package. 

To set the notifications up, you need your tracking code link. You can find this link in your shipping notifications email or from the order details page in your account. You can access the order details page by going to the Orders page in your account and clicking on the order in question.

Once you've located the tracking link, click on it to see the carrier's tracking page. Underneath the expected delivery date, click on the Text & Email Updates link. Here you can select how you would like to be notified and fill in the requested information. Then click the Get Updates button to begin receiving movement notifications. Learn more about USPS notifications here.

2. Submit a Help Request Form 
If you have set up notifications and still do not see any movement after a couple business days, you can submit a Help Request Form. Once completed USPS will forward your form to your local post office so they can help locate and identify the issue. USPS recommends that you use a desktop computer to submit this form.

Complete a Help Request Form

3. Submit a Missing Mail Search Request 
If after 2 weeks (14 days) from when you submitted your Help Request Form, your package has not arrived, we will need to submit a Missing Mail Request.

Although this step is rarely needed, unfortunately it is necessary on occasion. Please be aware that we are not able to submit a request with the Post Office until it has been at least 2 weeks (14 days) since a Help Request Form has been submitted. Also we are not able to issue a replacement order until a package has been declared "lost" by USPS.

 Submit Missing Mail Search Request

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