90 Day Limited Warranty Policy

ApplianceZone.net provides a limited warranty, on most parts, for (90) days from the date of purchase, so long as the part has been operated and maintained according to instructions that came with the appliance. Any “unnatural” wear and tear will exclude the part from being covered under the warranty.

Proof of original purchase date, as well as the appliance model and serial number, is required to claim a defective part under this warranty.

Customers claiming a defective part under this warranty will receive a replacement part from the manufacturer. This warranty does not entitle the customer to a refund for the defective part, original shipping charges, repair/installation costs, nor any additional costs related to the failure of the defective part, including damages to the appliance or property.

Any and all shipping charges are covered by the customer. This includes charges to ship the defective part back to ApplianceZone.net, as well as any charges needed to send a replacement part to the customer.

Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, acts of God, improper installation, or installation not in accordance with electrical or plumbing codes is not covered under this warranty.  Any part(s) that have been installed in an incorrect model, per the manufacturer, are not covered under this warranty.

Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips or other damage to the finish of the part is not covered under this warranty.

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