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  • DE64-01308A | Samsung Microwave Door Key Replacement
  • APNDE64-01308A FRONT
  • APNDE64-01308A SIDE

DE64-01308A | Samsung Microwave Door Key Replacement

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Replacement Door Key used on some Kenmore, Maytag, and Samsung brand Microwaves.

Directly Replaces: DE64-01308A, DE64-00760A, 1557593, AP4224753.


  • Black Door Key / Hook.
  • Approx. 7 3/4"L x 2 1/8"W.

APNDE64-01308A Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Don't see your model? Use the Check Compatibility link below.
Samsung ME16H702SEB/AA-0000
Samsung ME16H702SES/AA-0000
Samsung ME16H702SEW/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHB/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHS/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHW/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFB/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFS/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFW/AA-0000
Samsung ME21F606MJT/AA-0000
Samsung ME21F707MJT/AA-0000
Samsung SMH1611W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1622B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1622S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1622W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1816B/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1816S/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1816W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1927B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1927S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1927W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH2117S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH2117S/XAA-0002
Samsung SMH4150BD/XAA
Samsung SMH4150WD/XAA
Samsung SMH7174BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7177STE/XAA
Samsung SMH7178STD/XAA
Samsung SMH7178STE/XAA
Samsung SMH7185STG/XAA
Samsung SMH7187STG/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165B/XAA
Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH8165W/XAA
Samsung SMH9151B/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151BE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151S/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151ST/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151STE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151WE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9187B/XAA
Samsung SMH9187ST/XAA
Samsung SMH9187W/XAA
Samsung SMH9207ST/XAA-0001
Samsung SMV9165BC/XAA
Samsung SMV9165SC/XAA
Samsung SMH7177STE
Samsung SMH7178STD
Samsung SMH7178STE
Samsung SMH7174BC
Samsung SMH7175BC
Samsung SMH7174WC
Samsung SMH7174WE/XAA
Samsung SMH7174BE
Samsung SMH7174BE/XAA
Samsung SMH7174CC
Samsung SMH7174WE
Samsung SMH7175BE
Samsung SMH7175BE/XAA
Samsung SMH7175CC
Samsung SMH7175WC
Samsung SMH7175WE
Samsung SMH7175WE/XAA
Samsung SMV9165BC
Samsung SMV9165SC
Samsung 40185052010
Samsung 40185053010
Samsung 40185059010
Samsung 40180092010
Samsung 40180092700
Samsung 40180093010
Samsung 40180093700
Samsung 40180094700
Samsung 40180099010
Samsung 40180099700
Samsung SMH4150WD
Samsung SMH4150BD
Whirlpool 40185044010
Whirlpool 40185046010
Whirlpool 40185049010
Whirlpool 40185143010
Whirlpool 40185042010
Whirlpool 40185043010
Whirlpool 40180082700
Whirlpool 40180083700
Whirlpool 40180084700
Whirlpool 40180086700
Whirlpool 40180089700

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90 Day Limited Warranty

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