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  • 4713-001013 | Samsung Microwave Light Bulb Replacement

4713-001013 | Samsung Microwave Light Bulb Replacement

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SKU: 26QBP4087

Replacement light bulb used in some Maytag and Samsung microwave models.

Directly Replaces: 4713-001013, AP4051343, 2029140, R0713676.


  • Approx. 3"L x 1"W.
  • 130 Volt.
  • 40 Watt.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Kenmore / Sears 40180082700
Kenmore / Sears 40180083700
Kenmore / Sears 40180084700
Kenmore / Sears 40180086700
Kenmore / Sears 40180089700
Kenmore / Sears 40180092010
Kenmore / Sears 40180092700
Kenmore / Sears 40180093010
Kenmore / Sears 40180093700
Kenmore / Sears 40180094700
Kenmore / Sears 40180099010
Kenmore / Sears 40180099700
Kenmore / Sears 40185042010
Kenmore / Sears 40185043010
Kenmore / Sears 40185044010
Kenmore / Sears 40185046010
Kenmore / Sears 40185049010
Kenmore / Sears 40185052010
Kenmore / Sears 40185053010
Kenmore / Sears 40185059010
Kenmore / Sears 40185143010
Samsung ME16H702SEB/AA-0000
Samsung ME16H702SES/AA-0000
Samsung ME16H702SEW/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHB/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHS/AA-0000
Samsung ME17H703SHW/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFB/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFS/AA-0000
Samsung ME18H704SFW/AA-0000
Samsung MO1450BA/XAA
Samsung MO1450CA/XAA
Samsung MO1450WA/XAA
Samsung MO1650BA/XAA
Samsung MO1650CA/XAA
Samsung MO1650WA/XAA
Samsung MR6698WB/XAA
Samsung MR6699GB/XAA
Samsung MR6699SB/XAA
Samsung SMH1611W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1622B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1622S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1622W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1713W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1816B/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1816S/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1816W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH1927B/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1927S/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH1927W/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH4150BD/XAA
Samsung SMH4150WD/XAA
Samsung SMH6140BB/XAA
Samsung SMH6140CB/XAA
Samsung SMH6140WB/XAA
Samsung SMH7150BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7150BE/XAA
Samsung SMH7150CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7150CE/XAA
Samsung SMH7150WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7159BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7159CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7159WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174BE/XAA
Samsung SMH7174CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7174WE/XAA
Samsung SMH7175BC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175BE/XAA
Samsung SMH7175CC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175WC/XAA
Samsung SMH7175WE/XAA
Samsung SMH7177STE/XAA
Samsung SMH7178STD/XAA
Samsung SMH7178STE/XAA
Samsung SMH7185STG/XAA
Samsung SMH7187STG/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165B/XAA
Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0001
Samsung SMH8165W/XAA
Samsung SMH9151B/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151BE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151S/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151ST/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151STE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151W/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9151WE/XAA-0000
Samsung SMH9187B/XAA
Samsung SMH9187ST/XAA
Samsung SMH9187W/XAA
Samsung SMH9207ST/XAA-0001
Samsung SRH1230ZG/XAA
Samsung SRH1230ZS/XAA

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty.

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