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  • 154827601 | Frigidaire Dishwasher Gasket Replacement
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154827601 | Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Gasket Replacement

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Replacement door/tub gasket used on some Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Tappan, Universal, and Westinghouse dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: 154827601, AP5690109, 154211801, 154219501, 154561001, 154561002, 154782401, 154845301, 2705419, PS8260227, B00HNEJHGO.


  • Seal that fits into groove on dishwasher body to prevent leaking.
  • Approx. 70"L x 0.5"W.

APN154827601 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Crosley CDB350NB0A
Crosley CDB350NB10B
Crosley CDB350NB2A
Crosley CDB350NB3A
Crosley CDB350NB4A
Crosley CDB350NB5A
Crosley CDB350NB6B
Crosley CDB350NB7B
Crosley CDB350NB8B
Crosley CDB350NB9B
Crosley CDB350NW0A
Crosley CDB350NW10B
Crosley CDB350NW2A
Crosley CDB350NW3A
Crosley CDB350NW4A
Crosley CDB350NW5A
Crosley CDB350NW6B
Crosley CDB350NW7B
Crosley CDB350NW8B
Crosley CDB350NW9B
Crosley CDB400KB0
Crosley CDB400KB0A
Crosley CDB400KB1B
Crosley CDB400KW0
Crosley CDB400KW0A
Crosley CDB400KW1B
Crosley CDB500CGB0
Crosley CDB500CGB1
Crosley CDB500CGB2
Crosley CDB500CGB3
Crosley CDB500CGC0
Crosley CDB500CGC1
Crosley CDB500CGC2
Crosley CDB500CGC3
Crosley CDB500CGS0
Crosley CDB500CGS1
Crosley CDB500CGS2
Crosley CDB500CGS3
Crosley CDB500NB0A
Crosley CDB500NB1A
Crosley CDB500NB2A
Crosley CDB500NB3A
Crosley CDB500NB4A
Crosley CDB500NB5B
Crosley CDB500NS0A
Crosley CDB500NS1A
Crosley CDB500NS2A
Crosley CDB500NS3A
Crosley CDB500NS4A
Crosley CDB500NS5B
Crosley CDB500NW0A
Crosley CDB500NW1A
Crosley CDB500NW2A
Crosley CDB500NW3A
Crosley CDB500NW4A
Crosley CDB500NW5B
Crosley CDB600KB0
Crosley CDB600KB0A
Crosley CDB600KB1B
Crosley CDB600KS0
Crosley CDB600KS0A
Crosley CDB600KS1B
Crosley CDB600KW0
Crosley CDB600KW0A
Crosley CDB600KW1B
Crosley CDB900NB0A
Crosley CDB900NB1A
Crosley CDB900NB2A
Crosley CDB900NB3A
Crosley CDB900NB4A
Crosley CDB900NB5A
Crosley CDB900NB6B
Crosley CDB900NS0A
Crosley CDB900NS1A
Crosley CDB900NS2A
Crosley CDB900NS3A
Crosley CDB900NS4A
Crosley CDB900NS5A
Crosley CDB900NS6B
Crosley CDB900NW0A
Crosley CDB900NW1A
Crosley CDB900NW2A
Crosley CDB900NW3A
Crosley CDB900NW4A
Crosley CDB900NW5A
Crosley CDB900NW6B
Crosley CDBE241AB0
Crosley CDBE241AQ0
Crosley CDBE241AW0
Crosley CDBE566AB0
Crosley CDBE566AB1
Crosley CDBE566AQ0
Crosley CDBE566AQ1
Crosley CDBE566AS0
Crosley CDBE566AS1
Crosley CDBE566AS2
Crosley CDBE566AW0
Crosley CDBEH600SB0A
Crosley CDBEH600SB2A
Crosley CDBEH600SS0A
Crosley CDBEH600SS2A
Crosley CDBEH600SW0A
Crosley CDBEH600SW2A
Crosley CDBEH950SB0A
Crosley CDBEH950SB1A
Crosley CDBEH950SS0A
Crosley CDBEH950SS1A
Crosley CDBEH950SW0A
Crosley CDBEH950SW1A
Crosley CDBEH960TD0A
Crosley CDBEH960TS0A
Frigidaire BADMODEL1
Frigidaire BBBD2432KB0
Frigidaire BBBD2432KF0
Frigidaire BBBD2432KW0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KB0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KF0
Frigidaire BGBD2432KW0
Frigidaire BGHD2433KB0
Frigidaire BGHD2433KB1
Frigidaire BGHD2433KF0
Frigidaire BGHD2433KF1
Frigidaire BGHD2433KW0
Frigidaire BGHD2433KW1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KB1A
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KF1A
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW0
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW1
Frigidaire DGBD2432KW1A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF0A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF1A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF3A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF4A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF5A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF6A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF7A
Frigidaire DGBD2438PF8B
Frigidaire DGCD2444SA0A
Frigidaire DGCD2444SA1A
Frigidaire DGCD2444SA2A
Frigidaire DGCD2444SD0A
Frigidaire DGHD2433KF0
Frigidaire DGHD2433KF1
Frigidaire DW1800Y0
Frigidaire F71C12PHS1
Frigidaire F71C24RJB1
Frigidaire F71C44EJB0
Frigidaire F71C44EJS0
Frigidaire FBD2400KB0
Frigidaire FBD2400KB10B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB11B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB12B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KB3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KB4A
Frigidaire FBD2400KB5B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB6B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB7B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB8B
Frigidaire FBD2400KB9B
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ0
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KQ4A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS0A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS10B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS1A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KS3B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS4B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS5B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS6B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS7B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS8B
Frigidaire FBD2400KS9B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW0
Frigidaire FBD2400KW10B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW11B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW12B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW2A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW3A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW4A
Frigidaire FBD2400KW5B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW6B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW7B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW8B
Frigidaire FBD2400KW9B
Frigidaire FD1870WHB0
Frigidaire FDB101SAW0
Frigidaire FDB101SAW1
Frigidaire FDB101SAW2
Frigidaire FDB102SDW0
Frigidaire FDB1050REB0
Frigidaire FDB1050REB1
Frigidaire FDB1050REB2
Frigidaire FDB1050REB3
Frigidaire FDB1050REB4
Frigidaire FDB1050REB5
Frigidaire FDB1050REC0
Frigidaire FDB1050REC1
Frigidaire FDB1050REC2
Frigidaire FDB1050REC3
Frigidaire FDB1050REC4
Frigidaire FDB1050REC5
Frigidaire FDB1050REM0
Frigidaire FDB1050REM1
Frigidaire FDB1050REM2
Frigidaire FDB1050REM3
Frigidaire FDB1050REM4
Frigidaire FDB1050REM5
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ3
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ4
Frigidaire FDB1050REQ5
Frigidaire FDB1050RES0
Frigidaire FDB1050RES1
Frigidaire FDB1050RES2
Frigidaire FDB1050RES3
Frigidaire FDB1050RES4
Frigidaire FDB1050RES5
Frigidaire FDB1051REB0
Frigidaire FDB1051REB1
Frigidaire FDB1051REB2
Frigidaire FDB1051REM0
Frigidaire FDB1051REM1
Frigidaire FDB1051REM2
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1051REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1051RES0
Frigidaire FDB1051RES1
Frigidaire FDB1051RES2
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB0
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB1
Frigidaire FDB10NRBB2
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHB3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHC3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHM3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHQ3B
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS0
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS2A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS3A
Frigidaire FDB1100RHS3B
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1200RGS2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB0
Frigidaire FDB1250REB1
Frigidaire FDB1250REB2
Frigidaire FDB1250REB3
Frigidaire FDB1250REB4
Frigidaire FDB1250REC0
Frigidaire FDB1250REC1
Frigidaire FDB1250REC2
Frigidaire FDB1250REC3
Frigidaire FDB1250REC4
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ0
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ1
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ2
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ3
Frigidaire FDB1250REQ4
Frigidaire FDB1250RES0
Frigidaire FDB1250RES1
Frigidaire FDB1250RES2
Frigidaire FDB1250RES3
Frigidaire FDB1250RES4
Frigidaire FDB125RHB0
Frigidaire FDB125RHB1
Frigidaire FDB125RHB2
Frigidaire FDB125RHB3
Frigidaire FDB125RHD0
Frigidaire FDB125RHD1
Frigidaire FDB125RHD2
Frigidaire FDB125RHD3
Frigidaire FDB125RHS0
Frigidaire FDB125RHS1
Frigidaire FDB125RHS2
Frigidaire FDB125RHS3
Frigidaire FDB125RHU0
Frigidaire FDB125RHU1
Frigidaire FDB126RBB0
Frigidaire FDB126RBB1
Frigidaire FDB126RBB2
Frigidaire FDB126RBB3
Frigidaire FDB126RBB4
Frigidaire FDB126RBQ0
Frigidaire FDB126RBQ1
Frigidaire FDB126RBQ2
Frigidaire FDB126RBQ3
Frigidaire FDB126RBQ4
Frigidaire FDB126RBS0
Frigidaire FDB126RBS1
Frigidaire FDB126RBS2
Frigidaire FDB126RBS3
Frigidaire FDB126RBS4
Frigidaire FDB130RGB0
Frigidaire FDB130RGB1
Frigidaire FDB130RGB2
Frigidaire FDB130RGB3
Frigidaire FDB130RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB130RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB130RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB130RGQ3
Frigidaire FDB130RGS0
Frigidaire FDB130RGS1
Frigidaire FDB130RGS2
Frigidaire FDB130RGS3
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHB4A
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHC4A
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS0
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS1
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS2
Frigidaire FDB1450CHS4A
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFB4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFC4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFQ4
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS0
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS1
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS2
Frigidaire FDB1500LFS4
Frigidaire FDB1501BFB0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFC0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFQ0
Frigidaire FDB1501BFS0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGB4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGC4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGM4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGQ4A
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS2
Frigidaire FDB1502RGS4A
Frigidaire FDB1504RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGQ0
Frigidaire FDB1504RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGB2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGC2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGQ2
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS0
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS1
Frigidaire FDB1980RGS2
Frigidaire FDB2000RFB0
Frigidaire FDB2000RFB1
Frigidaire FDB2000RFC0
Frigidaire FDB2000RFC1
Frigidaire FDB2000RFQ0
Frigidaire FDB2000RFQ1
Frigidaire FDB2000RFS0
Frigidaire FDB2000RFS1
Frigidaire FDB210LCS0
Frigidaire FDB2110LCB0
Frigidaire FDB2110LCC0
Frigidaire FDB2110LCQ0
Frigidaire FDB2110LCS0
Frigidaire FDB221RFR0
Frigidaire FDB221RFR1
Frigidaire FDB221RFR2
Frigidaire FDB221RFR3
Frigidaire FDB2310LCB0
Frigidaire FDB2310LCC0
Frigidaire FDB2310LCC1
Frigidaire FDB2310LCC2
Frigidaire FDB2310LCQ0
Frigidaire FDB2310LCS0
Frigidaire FDB2320REB0
Frigidaire FDB2320REB1
Frigidaire FDB2320REB2
Frigidaire FDB2320REC0
Frigidaire FDB2320REC1
Frigidaire FDB2320REC2
Frigidaire FDB2320RES0
Frigidaire FDB2320RES1
Frigidaire FDB2320RES2
Frigidaire FDB2321REC0
Frigidaire FDB2321REC1
Frigidaire FDB2410LDB0
Frigidaire FDB2410LDB1
Frigidaire FDB2410LDB2
Frigidaire FDB2410LDC0
Frigidaire FDB2410LDC1
Frigidaire FDB2410LDC2
Frigidaire FDB2410LDC3
Frigidaire FDB2410LDC4
Frigidaire FDB2410LDQ0
Frigidaire FDB2410LDQ1
Frigidaire FDB2410LDQ2
Frigidaire FDB2410LDS0
Frigidaire FDB2410LDS1
Frigidaire FDB2410LDS2
Frigidaire FDB2410LDS3
Frigidaire FDB2415LFB0
Frigidaire FDB2415LFB1
Frigidaire FDB2415LFB2
Frigidaire FDB2415LFC0
Frigidaire FDB2415LFC1
Frigidaire FDB2415LFC2
Frigidaire FDB2415LFS0
Frigidaire FDB2415LFS1
Frigidaire FDB2415LFS2
Frigidaire FDB2510LCC0
Frigidaire FDB2510LCC1
Frigidaire FDB2810LDB0
Frigidaire FDB2810LDC0
Frigidaire FDB2810LDC1
Frigidaire FDB2810LDC2
Frigidaire FDB2810LDQ0
Frigidaire FDB2810LDS0
Frigidaire FDB2830CEB0
Frigidaire FDB2830CEB1
Frigidaire FDB2830CEB2
Frigidaire FDB2830CEC0
Frigidaire FDB2830CEC1
Frigidaire FDB2830CEC2
Frigidaire FDB2830CES0
Frigidaire FDB2830CES1
Frigidaire FDB2830CES2
Frigidaire FDB345LBB0
Frigidaire FDB345LBB1
Frigidaire FDB345LBS0
Frigidaire FDB345LBS1
Frigidaire FDB345LFR0
Frigidaire FDB345LFR1
Frigidaire FDB345LFR2
Frigidaire FDB345LFS0
Frigidaire FDB345LFS1
Frigidaire FDB345LFS2
Frigidaire FDB4050LHB0
Frigidaire FDB4050LHB1
Frigidaire FDB4050LHC0
Frigidaire FDB4050LHC1
Frigidaire FDB4050LHS0
Frigidaire FDB4050LHS1
Frigidaire FDB421RFR0
Frigidaire FDB421RFR1
Frigidaire FDB421RFR2
Frigidaire FDB421RFR3
Frigidaire FDB421RFR4
Frigidaire FDB421RFR5
Frigidaire FDB421RFR6
Frigidaire FDB421RFR7
Frigidaire FDB421RFS0
Frigidaire FDB421RFS1
Frigidaire FDB421RFS2
Frigidaire FDB421RFS3
Frigidaire FDB421RFS4
Frigidaire FDB421RFS5
Frigidaire FDB421RFS6
Frigidaire FDB421RFS7
Frigidaire FDB421RFS8
Frigidaire FDB4315LFB0
Frigidaire FDB4315LFB1
Frigidaire FDB4315LFB2
Frigidaire FDB4315LFB3
Frigidaire FDB4315LFC0
Frigidaire FDB4315LFC1
Frigidaire FDB4315LFC2
Frigidaire FDB4315LFC3
Frigidaire FDB4315LFS0
Frigidaire FDB4315LFS1
Frigidaire FDB4315LFS2
Frigidaire FDB4315LFS3
Frigidaire FDB435RFR0
Frigidaire FDB435RFR1
Frigidaire FDB435RFR2
Frigidaire FDB435RFR3
Frigidaire FDB435RFR4
Frigidaire FDB435RFR5
Frigidaire FDB435RFR6
Frigidaire FDB435RFR7
Frigidaire FDB435RFS0
Frigidaire FDB435RFS2
Frigidaire FDB435RFS3
Frigidaire FDB435RFS4
Frigidaire FDB435RFS5
Frigidaire FDB510CFB0
Frigidaire FDB510CFB1
Frigidaire FDB510CFB2
Frigidaire FDB510CFS0
Frigidaire FDB510CFS1
Frigidaire FDB510CFS2
Frigidaire FDB510CGC0
Frigidaire FDB510CGC2
Frigidaire FDB510LCB0
Frigidaire FDB510LCB1
Frigidaire FDB510LCB2
Frigidaire FDB510LCB3
Frigidaire FDB510LCB4
Frigidaire FDB510LCB5
Frigidaire FDB510LCB6
Frigidaire FDB510LCS0
Frigidaire FDB510LCS1
Frigidaire FDB510LCS2
Frigidaire FDB510LCS3
Frigidaire FDB510LCS4
Kenmore 58714000100
Kenmore 58714000101
Kenmore 58714000102
Kenmore 58714001990
Kenmore 58714001991
Kenmore 58714001992
Kenmore 58714001993
Kenmore 58714002990
Kenmore 58714002991
Kenmore 58714002992
Kenmore 58714002993
Kenmore 58714003100
Kenmore 58714008001
Kenmore 58714008002
Kenmore 58714008003
Kenmore 58714009100
Kenmore 58714009101
Kenmore 58714009102
Kenmore 58714012400
Kenmore 58714012401
Kenmore 58714012402
Kenmore 58714012403
Kenmore 58714012404
Kenmore 58714012405
Kenmore 58714012406A
Kenmore 58714012407A
Kenmore 58714012408A
Kenmore 58714012409B
Kenmore 58714012410B
Kenmore 58714012411B
Kenmore 58714012412B
Kenmore 58714012413B
Kenmore 58714012414B
Kenmore 58714012415B
Kenmore 58714012416B
Kenmore 58714013400
Kenmore 58714013401
Kenmore 58714013402
Kenmore 58714013403
Kenmore 58714013404
Kenmore 58714013405
Kenmore 58714013406
Kenmore 58714013407A
Kenmore 58714013408A
Kenmore 58714013409A
Kenmore 58714013410B
Kenmore 58714013411B
Kenmore 58714013412B
Kenmore 58714013413B
Kenmore 58714013414B
Kenmore 58714013415B
Kenmore 58714013416B
Kenmore 58714013417B
Kenmore 58714014400
Kenmore 58714014401
Kenmore 58714014402
Kenmore 58714014403
Kenmore 58714014404
Kenmore 58714014405
Kenmore 58714014406A
Kenmore 58714014407A
Kenmore 58714014408A
Kenmore 58714014409B
Kenmore 58714014410B
Kenmore 58714014411B
Kenmore 58714014412B
Kenmore 58714014413B
Kenmore 58714019400
Kenmore 58714019401
Kenmore 58714019402
Kenmore 58714019403
Kenmore 58714019404
Kenmore 58714019405
Kenmore 58714019406A
Kenmore 58714019407A
Kenmore 58714019408A
Kenmore 58714019409B
Kenmore 58714019410B
Kenmore 58714019411B
Kenmore 58714019412B
Kenmore 58714019413B
Kenmore 58714019414B
Kenmore 58714019415B
Kenmore 58714019416B
Kenmore 58714022200A
Kenmore 58714023200A
Kenmore 58714024200A
Kenmore 58714028200A
Kenmore 58714029200A
Kenmore 58714102800
Kenmore 58714112400
Kenmore 58714112401
Kenmore 58714112402
Kenmore 58714113400
Kenmore 58714113401
Kenmore 58714113402
Kenmore 58714114400
Kenmore 58714114401
Kenmore 58714114402
Kenmore 58714119400
Kenmore 58714119401
Kenmore 58714119402
Kenmore 58714131100
Kenmore 58714131101
Kenmore 58714131102
Kenmore 58714132100
Kenmore 58714132101
Kenmore 58714132102
Kenmore 58714134100
Kenmore 58714134101
Kenmore 58714134102
Kenmore 58714139100
Kenmore 58714139101
Kenmore 58714139102
Kenmore 58714143400
Kenmore 58714143401
Kenmore 58714143402
Kenmore 58714143403
Kenmore 58714143404
Kenmore 58714143405
Kenmore 58714144400
Kenmore 58714144401
Kenmore 58714144402
Kenmore 58714144403
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Kenmore 58715073201
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Kenmore 58715074201
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Kenmore 58715079201
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Kenmore 58715103801
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Kenmore 58715104801
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Kenmore 58715158401
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Kenmore 58715159401
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Kenmore 58715163401
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Kenmore 58715164401
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Kenmore 58719149403

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