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  • 134792700 | Frigidaire Dryer Heating Element Replacement
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134792700 | Frigidaire Dryer Heating Element Replacement

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$123.08 $36.00
SKU: APN134792700
In Stock

Replacement heating element used on some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Kenmore dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 134792700, 1482984, AH2349309, AP4368653, EA2349309, PS2349309, B00E0CWPZ2.


  • Heating element assembly includes a 3 coil element (5500 watt), and housing.
  • Approx. 13.5"L x 5.25" in diameter.
  • Item may appear different than original, but is designed to function the same.

APN134792700 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Don't see your model? Use the Check Compatibility link below.
Crosley CDE7700LR0
Crosley CDE7700LW0
Electrolux EIED50LIW0
Electrolux EIED50LIW1
Electrolux EIED55HIW0
Electrolux EIED55HMB0
Electrolux EIED55IKG0
Electrolux EIED55IRR0
Electrolux EIED5CHIW0
Electrolux EIED5CHMB0
Electrolux EIMED55IIW0
Electrolux EIMED55IIW1
Electrolux EIMED55IMB0
Electrolux EIMED55IMB2
Electrolux EIMED55IMB3
Electrolux EIMED55IRR0
Electrolux EIMED55QT0
Electrolux EIMED5CQT0
Electrolux EIMED60JIW0
Electrolux EIMED60JIW2
Electrolux EIMED60JIW3
Electrolux EIMED60JIW4
Electrolux EIMED60JIW5
Electrolux EIMED60JMB0
Electrolux EIMED60JRR0
Electrolux EIMED60LSS0
Electrolux EIMED60LSS2
Electrolux EIMED60LSS3
Electrolux EIMED60LT0
Electrolux EIMED60LT2
Electrolux EIMED60LT3
Electrolux EIMED6CJIW0
Electrolux EIMED6CJIW2
Electrolux EIMED6CJMB0
Electrolux EIMED6CJRR0
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS0
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS2
Electrolux EIMED6CLSS3
Electrolux EIMED6CLT0
Electrolux EIMED6CLT2
Electrolux EIMED6CLT3
Electrolux EWED65HIW0
Electrolux EWED65HSS0
Electrolux EWED65HTS0
Electrolux EWMED65HIW0
Electrolux EWMED65HSS0
Electrolux EWMED65HTS0
Electrolux EWMED65IMB0
Electrolux EWMED65IRR0
Electrolux EWMED6CHIW0
Electrolux EWMED6CHSS0
Electrolux EWMED6CHTS0
Electrolux EWMED6CIRR0
Electrolux EWMED70JIW0
Electrolux EWMED70JIW2
Electrolux EWMED70JMB0
Electrolux EWMED70JRR0
Electrolux EWMED70JSS0
Electrolux EWMED70JSS2
Electrolux EWMED70JTS0
Electrolux EWMED7CJIW0
Electrolux EWMED7CJIW3
Electrolux EWMED7CJMB0
Electrolux EWMED7CJRR0
Electrolux EWMED7CJSS0
Electrolux EWMED7CJSS2
Electrolux EWMED7CJTS0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire CASE7073LA0
Frigidaire CASE7073LR0
Frigidaire CASE7073LW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA2
Frigidaire CASE7074NR0
Frigidaire CASE7074NR2
Frigidaire CASE7074NW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NW2
Frigidaire CFSE5100QA0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LN0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire FASE7021NW0
Frigidaire FASE7021NW2
Frigidaire FASE7073LA0
Frigidaire FASE7073LN0
Frigidaire FASE7073LR0
Frigidaire FASE7073LW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA2
Frigidaire FASE7073NR0
Frigidaire FASE7073NR2
Frigidaire FASE7073NW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NW2
Frigidaire FASE7074LA0
Frigidaire FASE7074LN0
Frigidaire FASE7074LR0
Frigidaire FASE7074LW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA2
Frigidaire FASE7074NR0
Frigidaire FASE7074NR2
Frigidaire FASE7074NW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NW2
Frigidaire FFSE5115PA0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW1
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW2
Frigidaire LAQE7000LW0
Frigidaire LAQE8000LW0
Kenmore 41781100000
Kenmore 41781100002
Kenmore 41781100003
Kenmore 41781101000
Kenmore 41781102000
Kenmore 41781102002
Kenmore 41781102003
Kenmore 41784130000
Kenmore 41784130002
Kenmore 41784131000
Kenmore 41784132000
Kenmore 41784132002

Warranty Information

90 Day Limited Warranty

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Product Reviews

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  1. Simple, easy...done!

    Posted by Chris on 30th May 2019

    Was super simple to find the part match with confidence in the site. Order was fast and lowest price on the web. Product arrived as planned, all New, installed and working great

  2. Good fit

    Posted by rjopas@icloud.com on 8th Apr 2019

    Proper part, box was damaged in shipping, part is ok and operating correctly

  3. Perfect replacement

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2019

    The heating element was an exact match and has fixed the E64 Error code

  4. Works perfectly

    Posted by Darla on 3rd Mar 2019

    I ordered this heating element for my dryer and installed it. It’s working perfectly and my dryer is no longer giving me an error code.

  5. High quality

    Posted by Joshua c Russ on 15th Aug 2018

    Recieved this dryer heating element within 2days, when shipping was approximated at 7-10 days.
    Installed easily, no mossing components.
    It is an exact fit for the specifications, and works as it should.
    Very satisfied with my experiences.

  6. Dryer Overheats Constantly, Electrolux Error Code 61/64

    Posted by KJ on 5th Jul 2018

    I've replaced my heater element once before. The first time was due to bad electricians trying to make 220v 30/amp out of 2 15 amp 110v breakers. Anyway, it blew up my heater element. Later, they swapped my three prong to a four prong but forgot to screw the terminals in tight, so it shorted itself out and blew the computer. I replaced that. Well, the heater element finally died again. It doesn't help that my current dryer vent is at 4 90 degree bends inside a wall (remodel contractor didn't follow instructions) so now my heater element is scheduled to fail every 2 years until some of those 90 degree elbows are smoothed or removed in a fix job for phase 2 of the bathroom.

    That said, it works great once installed until the temperature warps the coils. I'm not sure if this product is superior to OEM, it could be a lesser grade of coil and doomed to fail faster. It's the easiest thing to change on the whole unit besides the computer (which is pricier, but easier to change out). So I can live with changing out a $40-$50 part every couple years, even if the fix to my vent exhaust doesn't stop it from melting down.

  7. Exact match

    Posted by Nate on 10th May 2018

    Easy install perfect fit

  8. Easy as pie

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2018

    Great product. Just installed on my dryer. Fit great and easy to get connected. Been using dryer for several days and no issues.

  9. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Apr 2018

    Product is perfect for what I needed.

  10. It works

    Posted by Ryan F Lytle on 3rd Apr 2018

    When you run the dryer for the first time with a new heating element it smells and makes you wonder if it's going to burn up, but after a couple loads it is fine. The product works great.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next

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