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  • 134587700 | Frigidaire Dryer Thermistor Replacement
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134587700 | Frigidaire Dryer Thermistor Replacement

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SKU: APN134587700
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Replacement thermistor used in some Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Kenmore, and Westinghouse dryer models.

Directly Replaces: 134587700, 1156925, 134216500, AP3866842, AH1149368, EA1149368, PS1149368, B00DM8LUBK.


  • Dryer blower thermistor.
  • Approx. 2"L x 1.5"W.

APN134587700 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Crosley BEQ1442CES0
Crosley BEQ1442CES1
Crosley CDE4000FW0
Crosley CDE4000FW1
Crosley CDE4000HW0
Crosley CDE4500KW0
Crosley CDE4700LB0
Crosley CDE4700LW0
Crosley CDE4701QW0
Crosley CDE5000FW0
Crosley CDE7300RW0
Crosley CDE7400QW0
Crosley CDE7400QW1
Crosley CDE7500KB0
Crosley CDE7500KR0
Crosley CDE7500KW0
Crosley CDE7700LR0
Crosley CDE7700LW0
Crosley CDEC400FW0
Crosley CDEC400FW1
Crosley CDEC450KW0
Crosley CDEC500FW0
Crosley CDEC750KW0
Crosley CDG4000FW0
Crosley CDG4000FW1
Crosley CDG4000HW1
Crosley CDG4500KW0
Crosley CDG4700LB0
Crosley CDG4700LW0
Crosley CDG4701QW0
Crosley CDG5000FW0
Crosley CDG5000FW1
Crosley CDG7300RW0
Crosley CDG7300RW1
Crosley CDG7400QW0
Crosley CDG7500KB0
Crosley CDG7500KR0
Crosley CDG7500KW0
Crosley CDG7700LW0
Crosley CDG7700LW1
Crosley CLCE500MW1
Crosley CLCE600RW0
Electrolux SAEQ7000FS0
Electrolux SAGQ7000FS0
Electrolux SAGQ7000FS1
Electrolux SAGQ7070KS0
Electrolux SEQ7000FS0
Electrolux SGQ7000FS0
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES0
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES1
Frigidaire AEQ6000CES2
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES0
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES1
Frigidaire AEQ6000ES2
Frigidaire AEQ6400HE0
Frigidaire AEQ6400HS0
Frigidaire AEQ6500CFG0
Frigidaire AEQ6500CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ6700CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ6700CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ6700FE0
Frigidaire AEQ6700FS0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CEG0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CES0
Frigidaire AEQ7000CES1
Frigidaire AEQ7000CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EE0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EG0
Frigidaire AEQ7000EP0
Frigidaire AEQ7000ES0
Frigidaire AEQ7000ES1
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFE0
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFG0
Frigidaire AEQ8000CFS0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FE0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FG0
Frigidaire AEQ8000FS0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FE0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FG0
Frigidaire AEQ8700FS0
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES0
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES1
Frigidaire AEQB6000ES2
Frigidaire AEQB6400FS0
Frigidaire AEQB7000EG0
Frigidaire AEQB7000EP0
Frigidaire AEQB7000ES0
Frigidaire AEQB7000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES0
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000CES2
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES0
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES2
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES3
Frigidaire AGQ6000ES4
Frigidaire AGQ6400HE0
Frigidaire AGQ6400HE1
Frigidaire AGQ6400HS0
Frigidaire AGQ6400HS1
Frigidaire AGQ6500CFG0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FE0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FE2
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS0
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS1
Frigidaire AGQ6700FS2
Frigidaire AGQ7000CEG0
Frigidaire AGQ7000CES0
Frigidaire AGQ7000CES1
Frigidaire AGQ7000EE0
Frigidaire AGQ7000EG0
Frigidaire AGQ7000EP0
Frigidaire AGQ7000ES0
Frigidaire AGQ7000ES1
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFE0
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFG0
Frigidaire AGQ8000CFS0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FE2
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FG2
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS0
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS1
Frigidaire AGQ8000FS2
Frigidaire AGQ8700FE0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FE1
Frigidaire AGQ8700FG0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FG1
Frigidaire AGQ8700FS0
Frigidaire AGQ8700FS1
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES0
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES1
Frigidaire AGQB6000ES2
Frigidaire AGQB6400FS0
Frigidaire AGQB6400FS1
Frigidaire AGQB7000EG0
Frigidaire AGQB7000EP0
Frigidaire AGQB7000ES0
Frigidaire AGQB7000ES1
Frigidaire BAQE7073KW0
Frigidaire BAQE7077KB0
Frigidaire BAQE7077KW0
Frigidaire BAQG7073KW0
Frigidaire BAQG7077KB0
Frigidaire BAQG7077KW0
Frigidaire BCEQ2152ES0
Frigidaire BCEQ2152ES1
Frigidaire BCEQ6100FS0
Frigidaire BCEQ6700FS0
Frigidaire BKQE7017KT0
Frigidaire BKQE7071MT0
Frigidaire CAQE7001LW0
Frigidaire CAQE7011KB0
Frigidaire CAQE7011KW0
Frigidaire CAQE7011LW0
Frigidaire CAQE7014KA0
Frigidaire CAQE7014KN0
Frigidaire CAQE7017KW0
Frigidaire CAQE7021LW0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire CAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire CAQE7073KB0
Frigidaire CAQE7073KW0
Frigidaire CAQE7077KA0
Frigidaire CAQE7077KB0
Frigidaire CAQE7077KN0
Frigidaire CAQE7077KW0
Frigidaire CARE1011MW0
Frigidaire CARE4044MW0
Frigidaire CARE4044MW1
Frigidaire CASE7073LA0
Frigidaire CASE7073LR0
Frigidaire CASE7073LW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA0
Frigidaire CASE7074NA2
Frigidaire CASE7074NR0
Frigidaire CASE7074NR2
Frigidaire CASE7074NW0
Frigidaire CASE7074NW2
Frigidaire CFLE1011MW0
Frigidaire CFLE2022MW0
Frigidaire CFLE3900UW0
Frigidaire CFQE4000QW0
Frigidaire CFQE5000QW0
Frigidaire CFQE5000QW1
Frigidaire CFQE5100PW1
Frigidaire CFQE5100PW2
Frigidaire CFQE5100PW3
Frigidaire CFRE1001PW0
Frigidaire CFSE5100QA0
Frigidaire CFSE5115PA1
Frigidaire CFSE5115PW1
Frigidaire DAQE7077KW0
Frigidaire DAQG7077KW0
Frigidaire FAQE7001LB0
Frigidaire FAQE7001LW0
Frigidaire FAQE7001LW1
Frigidaire FAQE7011KB0
Frigidaire FAQE7011KR0
Frigidaire FAQE7011KW0
Frigidaire FAQE7011LB0
Frigidaire FAQE7011LW0
Frigidaire FAQE7017KA0
Frigidaire FAQE7017KB0
Frigidaire FAQE7017KN0
Frigidaire FAQE7017KR0
Frigidaire FAQE7017KW0
Frigidaire FAQE7021LB0
Frigidaire FAQE7021LW0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LA0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LN0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LR0
Frigidaire FAQE7072LW0
Frigidaire FAQE7073KA0
Frigidaire FAQE7073KB0
Frigidaire FAQE7073KN0
Frigidaire FAQE7073KR0
Frigidaire FAQE7073KW0
Frigidaire FAQE7077KA0
Frigidaire FAQE7077KB0
Frigidaire FAQE7077KN0
Frigidaire FAQE7077KR0
Frigidaire FAQE7077KW0
Frigidaire FAQE7111LW0
Frigidaire FAQG7001LB0
Frigidaire FAQG7001LW0
Frigidaire FAQG7011KB0
Frigidaire FAQG7011KR0
Frigidaire FAQG7011KW0
Frigidaire FAQG7011LB0
Frigidaire FAQG7011LW0
Frigidaire FAQG7017KA0
Frigidaire FAQG7017KB0
Frigidaire FAQG7017KN0
Frigidaire FAQG7017KR0
Frigidaire FAQG7017KW0
Frigidaire FAQG7021LB0
Frigidaire FAQG7021LW0
Frigidaire FAQG7072LA0
Frigidaire FAQG7072LN0
Frigidaire FAQG7072LR0
Frigidaire FAQG7072LW0
Frigidaire FAQG7073KA0
Frigidaire FAQG7073KB0
Frigidaire FAQG7073KN0
Frigidaire FAQG7073KR0
Frigidaire FAQG7073KW0
Frigidaire FAQG7077KA0
Frigidaire FAQG7077KB0
Frigidaire FAQG7077KN0
Frigidaire FAQG7077KR0
Frigidaire FAQG7077KW0
Frigidaire FAQG7111LW0
Frigidaire FARE1011MW0
Frigidaire FARE1011MW1
Frigidaire FARE4044MW0
Frigidaire FARE4044MW1
Frigidaire FARG1011MW0
Frigidaire FARG1011MW2
Frigidaire FARG4044MW0
Frigidaire FARG4044MW1
Frigidaire FASE7021NW0
Frigidaire FASE7021NW2
Frigidaire FASE7073LA0
Frigidaire FASE7073LN0
Frigidaire FASE7073LR0
Frigidaire FASE7073LW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA0
Frigidaire FASE7073NA2
Frigidaire FASE7073NR0
Frigidaire FASE7073NR2
Frigidaire FASE7073NW0
Frigidaire FASE7073NW2
Frigidaire FASE7074LA0
Frigidaire FASE7074LN0
Frigidaire FASE7074LR0
Frigidaire FASE7074LW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA0
Frigidaire FASE7074NA2
Frigidaire FASE7074NR0
Frigidaire FASE7074NR2
Frigidaire FASE7074NW0
Frigidaire FASE7074NW2
Frigidaire FASG7021NW0
Frigidaire FASG7021NW2
Frigidaire FASG7021NW3
Frigidaire FASG7073LA0
Frigidaire FASG7073LN0
Frigidaire FASG7073LR0
Frigidaire FASG7073LW0
Frigidaire FASG7073NA0
Frigidaire FASG7073NA2
Frigidaire FASG7073NR0
Frigidaire FASG7073NR2
Frigidaire FASG7073NW0
Frigidaire FASG7073NW2
Frigidaire FASG7074LA0
Frigidaire FASG7074LN0
Frigidaire FASG7074LR0
Frigidaire FASG7074LW0
Frigidaire FASG7074NA0
Frigidaire FASG7074NA2
Frigidaire FASG7074NA4
Frigidaire FASG7074NR0
Frigidaire FASG7074NR2
Frigidaire FASG7074NW0
Frigidaire FASG7074NW2
Frigidaire FEFB9100ES0
Frigidaire FEFB9200ES0
Frigidaire FEQ1442CES0
Frigidaire FEQ1442CES1
Frigidaire FEQ1442ES0
Frigidaire FEQ1442ES1
Frigidaire FEQ1442FE0
Frigidaire FEQ1452CKS0
Frigidaire FEQ1452HE0
Frigidaire FEQ1452HS0
Frigidaire FEQ5000HS0
Frigidaire FEQB2152FE0
Frigidaire FEQB2152FE1
Frigidaire FEQB4000FS0
Frigidaire FEQB4000FS1
Frigidaire FEQBB30DS0
Frigidaire FFLE1011MW0
Frigidaire FFLE1011MW2
Frigidaire FFLE2022MW0
Frigidaire FFLE2022MW1
Frigidaire FFLE2022MW2
Frigidaire FFLE3900UW0
Frigidaire FFLE3911QW0
Frigidaire FFLE39C1QW0
Frigidaire FFLE4033QT0
Frigidaire FFLE4033QW0
Frigidaire FFLE40C3QT0
Frigidaire FFLE40C3QW0
Frigidaire FFLG1011MW0
Frigidaire FFLG1011MW1
Frigidaire FFLG1011MW2
Frigidaire FFLG1011MW3
Frigidaire FFLG2022MW0
Frigidaire FFLG2022MW2
Frigidaire FFLG2022MW3
Frigidaire FFLG3900UW0
Frigidaire FFLG3911QW0
Frigidaire FFLG3911QW1
Frigidaire FFLG4033QT0
Frigidaire FFLG4033QT1
Frigidaire FFLG4033QW0
Frigidaire FFLG4033QW1
Frigidaire FFQE5000QW0
Frigidaire FFQE5000QW1
Frigidaire FFQE5100PW0
Frigidaire FFQE5100PW1
Frigidaire FFQG5000QW0
Frigidaire FFQG5000QW1
Frigidaire FFQG5000QW2
Frigidaire FFQG5000QW3
Frigidaire FFRE1001PW0
Frigidaire FFRG1001PW1
Frigidaire FFSE5115PA0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PA1
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW0
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW1
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW2
Frigidaire FFSE5115PW3
Frigidaire FFSG5115PA0
Frigidaire FFSG5115PA1
Frigidaire FFSG5115PW0
Frigidaire FFSG5115PW1
Frigidaire FGFB9100ES0
Frigidaire FGFB9200ES0
Frigidaire FGQ1442ES0
Frigidaire FGQ1442ES1
Frigidaire FGQ1442ES2
Frigidaire FGQ1442ES3
Frigidaire FGQ1442FE0
Frigidaire FGQ1442FE2
Frigidaire FGQ1452HE0
Frigidaire FGQ1452HE1
Frigidaire FGQ1452HS0
Frigidaire FGQ1452HS1
Frigidaire FGQ5000HS0
Frigidaire FGQB2152FE0
Frigidaire FGQB2152FE1
Frigidaire FGQB4000FS0
Frigidaire FGQB4000FS1
Frigidaire FGQB4000FS2
Frigidaire FGQBB30DS0
Frigidaire FRQE7000LW0
Frigidaire FRQG7000LW0
Frigidaire GCEQ2152ES0
Frigidaire GCEQ2152ES1
Frigidaire GCEQ2170KE0
Frigidaire GCEQ2170KS0
Frigidaire GCGQ2152ES0
Frigidaire GCGQ2152ES1
Frigidaire GLEQ2152EE0
Frigidaire GLEQ2152EE1
Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES0
Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES1
Frigidaire GLEQ2170KE0
Frigidaire GLEQ2170KS0
Frigidaire GLEQ942CS0
Frigidaire GLGQ2152EE0
Frigidaire GLGQ2152EE1
Frigidaire GLGQ2152EE2
Frigidaire GLGQ2152EE3
Frigidaire GLGQ2152ES0
Frigidaire GLGQ2152ES1
Frigidaire GLGQ2152ES2
Frigidaire GLGQ2152ES3
Frigidaire GLGQ2170KE0
Frigidaire GLGQ2170KS0
Frigidaire GLGQ942CS0
Frigidaire GSEQ7200DS0
Frigidaire GSGQ7200DS0
Frigidaire LAQE6000LW0
Frigidaire LAQE7000LW0
Frigidaire LAQE7011KB0
Frigidaire LAQE7011KW0
Frigidaire LAQE7077KR0
Frigidaire LAQE7077KW0
Frigidaire LAQE8000LW0
Frigidaire LAQG6000LW0
Frigidaire LAQG7000LW0
Frigidaire LAQG7011KB0
Frigidaire LAQG7011KW0
Frigidaire LAQG7077KR0
Frigidaire LAQG7077KW0
Frigidaire LAQG8000LW0
Frigidaire LCEQ2152FE1
Frigidaire LCGQ2152FE0
Frigidaire LEQ1442ES0
Frigidaire LEQ1442ES1
Frigidaire LEQ1452KS0
Frigidaire LEQ2152EE0
Frigidaire LEQ2152EE1
Frigidaire LEQ2152ES0
Frigidaire LEQ2152HS0
Frigidaire LEQ6000ES0
Frigidaire LEQ6000ES1
Frigidaire LEQ6000ES2
Frigidaire LEQ6400FS0
Frigidaire LEQ7000EG0
Frigidaire LEQ7000ES0
Frigidaire LEQ7000ES1
Frigidaire LEQ7000ES2
Frigidaire LEQ8000FE0
Frigidaire LGQ1442ES0
Frigidaire LGQ1442ES1
Frigidaire LGQ1442ES2
Frigidaire LGQ1452KS0
Frigidaire LGQ2152EE0
Frigidaire LGQ2152EE1
Frigidaire LGQ2152EE2
Frigidaire LGQ2152EE3
Frigidaire LGQ2152ES0
Frigidaire LGQ2152HS0
Frigidaire LGQ2152HS1
Frigidaire LGQ6000ES0
Frigidaire LGQ6000ES1
Frigidaire LGQ6000ES2
Frigidaire LGQ6400FS0
Frigidaire LGQ6400FS1
Frigidaire LGQ7000EG0
Frigidaire LGQ7000ES0
Frigidaire LGQ7000ES1
Frigidaire LGQ7000ES2
Frigidaire LGQ8000FE0
Frigidaire SFLG3911RW0
Frigidaire SFLG3911RW1
Frigidaire SFLG4033RT0
Frigidaire SFLG4033RT1
Frigidaire SFLG4033RW0
Frigidaire SFLG4033RW1
Kenmore 41761712510
Kenmore 41761712511
Kenmore 41761722510
Kenmore 41761723510
Kenmore 41761732810
Kenmore 41761733810
Kenmore 41771712510
Kenmore 41771712511
Kenmore 41771722510
Kenmore 41771722511
Kenmore 41771723510
Kenmore 41771723511
Kenmore 41771732810
Kenmore 41771733810
Kenmore 41781122310
Kenmore 41781122311
Kenmore 41784052500
Kenmore 41784072300
Kenmore 41784082500
Kenmore 41784092500
Kenmore 41784152500
Kenmore 41784252500
Kenmore 41788022000
Kenmore 41788042700
Kenmore 41788052700
Kenmore 41788056700
Kenmore 41788076700
Kenmore 41791122310
Kenmore 41791122311
Kenmore 41794052500
Kenmore 41794072300
Kenmore 41794072301
Kenmore 41794082500
Kenmore 41794092500
Kenmore 41794152500
Kenmore 41794252500
Kenmore 41798022000
Kenmore 41798042700
Kenmore 41798042701
Kenmore 41798052700
Kenmore 41798052701
Kenmore 41798056700
Kenmore 41798056701
Kenmore 41798076700
Kenmore 41798076701
White-Westinghouse SGQ2152HS0
White-Westinghouse SGQ2152HS1
White-Westinghouse SGQ2170KS0

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90 Day Limited Warranty

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  1. Great and easy service

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2017

    Exact part I needed. Great price and arrived promptly. Thank You

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