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  • 131208500 | Frigidaire Washer Drain Pump Replacement
  • SAP131208500 BOTTOM
  • SAP131208500 FRONT
  • SAP131208500 SIDE

131208500 | Frigidaire Washer Drain Pump Replacement

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Replacement Drain Pump used on some Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Montgomery Wards, Tappan, Universal and Westinghouse.

Directly Replaces: 131208500, AP2106307, 3204452, 5303272432, 763, AH417159, EA417159, LP119, PS417159.


  • Approx. 7"L x 6"W.

SAP131208500 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Frigidaire MLXE42RBD0
Frigidaire MLXE42RBD1
Frigidaire 46-2251-00-03
Frigidaire 46-2251-23-03
Frigidaire 46-2351-00-02
Frigidaire 46-2351-23-02
Frigidaire 46-2551-00-02
Frigidaire 46-2551-23-02
Frigidaire 46-2651-00-02
Frigidaire 46-2651-23-02
Frigidaire FLSE72GCS0
Frigidaire FLSE72GCT0
Frigidaire FLSG72GCS0
Frigidaire FLSG72GCT0
Frigidaire FLXE52RBS0
Frigidaire FLXE52RBT0
Frigidaire LCE702ADD1
Frigidaire LCE702ADD3
Frigidaire LCE702AWD2
Frigidaire LCE702AWW1
Frigidaire LCE702AWW2
Frigidaire LCE702AWW3
Frigidaire LCG701ADD1
Frigidaire LCG701ADD2
Frigidaire LCG701AWW1
Frigidaire LCG701AWW2
Frigidaire FWX645DBD1
Frigidaire FWX645DBW1
Frigidaire F21C235CS0
Frigidaire F21C235CT0
Frigidaire F21C445CS0
Frigidaire F21C445CT0
Frigidaire F21C645CS0
Frigidaire F21C645CT0
Frigidaire LG400SXD3
Frigidaire LG400SXW3
Frigidaire MLXE42RBD2
Frigidaire MLXE42RBW2
Frigidaire LG400SXD2
Frigidaire LG400SXW2
Frigidaire FWX133RBS0
Frigidaire FWX133RBS1
Frigidaire FWX133RBS2
Frigidaire FWX223LBS0
Frigidaire FWX223LBS1
Frigidaire FWX223LBS2
Frigidaire FWX645NBT0
Frigidaire LCG901ADD1
Frigidaire LCG901AWW1
Frigidaire FWS235RBT0
Frigidaire FWS645RBT0
Frigidaire FWX233NBS0
Frigidaire GWX233RBD1
Frigidaire GWX233RBS0
Frigidaire GWX233RBW0
Frigidaire GWX233RBW1
Frigidaire MWL411RBD0
Frigidaire MWL411RBWD0
Frigidaire MWX233MBD0
Frigidaire MWX233MBW0
Frigidaire MWX233MBW1
Frigidaire MWX233MBWD0
Frigidaire MWX233MBWW0
Frigidaire MWX233RBD0
Frigidaire MWX233RBW1
Frigidaire MWX233RBWD0
Frigidaire MWX233RBWW0
Frigidaire TWX233RBD0
Frigidaire TWX233RBD1
Frigidaire TWX233RBW0
Frigidaire TWX233RBW1
Frigidaire FWL111RBW0
Frigidaire FWL111RBW1
Frigidaire MWL111RBW0
Frigidaire MWL111RBW1
Frigidaire MWL111RBW2
Frigidaire MWL411RBW1
Frigidaire MWL411RBW2
Frigidaire MWL411RBW3
Frigidaire MWX121RBD0
Frigidaire MWX121RBD2
Frigidaire MWX121RBW1
Frigidaire MWX121RBW2
Frigidaire MWX121RBWD0
Frigidaire MWX121RBWL0
Frigidaire WWX645PBS0
Frigidaire WWX645PBS1
Frigidaire WWX233RBS0
Frigidaire WWX233RBS1
Frigidaire WWX233RBS2
Frigidaire WWX645JBS0
Frigidaire TWX645RBD2
Frigidaire TWX645RBW2
Frigidaire TWX645RBW3
Frigidaire WWX645RBD2
Frigidaire WWX645RBD3
Frigidaire WWX645RBS1
Frigidaire WWX645RBS2
Frigidaire WWX645RBW2
Frigidaire WWX645RBW3
Frigidaire LCE902ADD1
Frigidaire LCE902AWW1
Frigidaire FWS235RBS0
Frigidaire FWS445RBS0
Frigidaire FWS545NBS0
Frigidaire FWS545NBT0
Frigidaire FWS645RBS0
Frigidaire FWS845GCS0
Frigidaire FWS845GCT0
Frigidaire GWX223RBW2
Frigidaire WWX223RBD2
Frigidaire WWX223RBW2
Frigidaire MWL411RBW0
Frigidaire MWX121RBWW0
Frigidaire MXW121RBW0-23


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90 Day Limited Warranty

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Montgomery Wards

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