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  • 12001656 | Whirlpool Oven & Range Sensor Kit Replacement
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12001656 | Whirlpool Oven Sensor Replacement Kit

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Replacement sensor kit used on some Admiral, Amana, Crosley, GE, Hardwick, Ikea, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, and Whirlpool oven models.

Directly Replaces: 12001656, 04000052, 04100258, 12001357, 12001554, 12001656VP, 12500029, 1364, 7-4657, 704657, 71003083, 74003390, 74004471, 74004943, 74005193, 7430P003-60, 7430P005-60, 7430P008-60, 7430P008-60K, 7430P010-60, 7430P042-60, 8189679, 879368, AH1570174, EA1570174, PS1570174, W10127323, Y04000052, Y04100258, Y704657, AP4009009, B0053Y2NBM, B002ZNA26M, B008DK1Q7U, B008DK3GXM, B008DK4BO0, B008DJZBSG, B008DJLSD8, B008DJTHK4, B0156NBS2E, B003MYLKHS, B008DJMRGU, B008DJM918, B008DJSJ4O, B008DK51BW, B008DK539W, B003N6DNC0, B008DK50SG, B008DK520W, B008DK5BQ2, B008DJTZFG, B008DJZRJY, B008DK7Z5W.


  • The adaptors included in this kit allow it to serve as a replacement for numerous sensor probes.
  • Kit includes (1) 74004471 probe replacement (6.25"L), (1) 5171M009-60 sensor jumper adapter replacement (4.5"L), and (1) 5171M010-60 sensor jumper adapter replacement (4.5"L).

APN12001656 Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

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Admiral 666AJ-THVW
Admiral 666WJ-THVW
Admiral 667AJ-TSAW
Admiral 667AK-TSAW
Admiral 667AK-TSVW
Admiral 667KK-TSAW
Admiral 667KK-TSVW
Admiral 667WJ-TSAW
Admiral 667WK-TSAW
Admiral 667WK-TSVW
Admiral 668AJ-ASAW
Admiral 668AK-TSAW
Admiral 668WJ-ASAW
Admiral 668WK-TSAW
Admiral 686AJ-TKSVW
Admiral 686WJ-TKSVW
Admiral 687AJ-TKSAW
Admiral 687AK-TKSAW
Admiral 687WJ-TKSAW
Admiral 687WK-TKSAW
Admiral A3875XRA
Admiral A3875XRW
Admiral A3878XRA
Admiral A3878XRB
Admiral A3878XRW
Admiral A3888VRA
Admiral A3888VRV
Admiral A3888XRA
Admiral A3888XRB
Admiral A3888XRW
Admiral A5892XRS
Admiral A5898VRV
Admiral A5898XRB
Admiral A59F-5TXW-R
Admiral A59F-5TXWM-R
Admiral A59FN-5TVW-R
Admiral A59FN-5TVWM-R
Admiral A59G-5TXW-R
Admiral A59GN-5TVW-R
Admiral A6892XRS
Admiral A6898VRV
Admiral A6898XRB
Admiral A9875VRV
Admiral A9875XRB
Admiral A9895VRV
Admiral A9895XRB
Admiral CFEA500ACE
Admiral CHEA700BCB
Admiral CHEA700BCE
Admiral CREA650ACB
Admiral CREA650ACL
Admiral CREA650ACW
Admiral CREA750ACB
Admiral CREA750ACE
Admiral CREA750ACM
Amana ACB6260AB
Amana ACB6260AS
Amana ACB6260AW
Amana ACB6280AS
Amana AER4311AAW
Amana AER5511AAB
Amana AER5511AAQ
Amana AER5511AAW
Amana AER5511ACB
Amana AER5511ACW
Amana AER5511BAB
Amana AER5511BAQ
Amana AER5511BAW
Amana AER5515QAQ
Amana AER5515QAW
Amana AER5515QCW
Amana AER5515RCW
Amana AER5710BAH
Amana AER5712AAQ
Amana AER5712AAS
Amana AER5712AAW
Amana AER5712AAZ
Amana AER5712ACW
Amana AER5712ACZ
Amana AER5712BAB
Amana AER5712BAW
Amana AER5712BAZ
Amana AER5715QAQ
Amana AER5715QAS
Amana AER5715QAW
Amana AER5715QCB
Amana AER5715QCS
Amana AER5715QCW
Amana AER5715RCB
Amana AER5715RCS
Amana AER5715RCW
Amana AER5722BAB
Amana AER5722BAQ
Amana AER5722BAS
Amana AER5722BAW
Amana AER5722CAS
Amana AER5725QAF
Amana AER5725QAN
Amana AER5725QAQ
Amana AER5725QAW
Amana AER5735QAB
Amana AER5735QAF
Amana AER5735QAN
Amana AER5735QAQ
Amana AER5735QAS
Amana AER5735QAW
Amana AER5815RCB
Amana AER5815RCS
Amana AER5815RCW
Amana AER5845QAB
Amana AER5845QAF
Amana AER5845QAN
Amana AER5845QAS
Amana AER5845RAB
Amana AER5845RAS
Amana AER5845RAW
Amana AES1350BAW
Amana AES3540BAW
Amana AES3760BAB
Amana AES3760BAQ
Amana AES3760BAS
Amana AES3760BAW
Amana AES3760BCB
Amana AES3760BCS
Amana AES3760BCS16
Amana AES3760BCW
Amana AES5730BAB
Amana AES5730BAF
Amana AES5730BAN
Amana AES5730BAS
Amana AEW3530DDB
Amana AEW3530DDS
Amana AEW3530DDW
Amana AEW3630DDB
Amana AEW3630DDS
Amana AEW3630DDW
Amana AEW4530DDB
Amana AEW4530DDQ
Amana AEW4530DDS
Amana AEW4530DDW
Amana AEW4630DDB
Amana AEW4630DDQ
Amana AEW4630DDS
Amana AEW4630DDW
Amana DCF4115AC
Amana DCF4115AW
Amana DCF4205BK
Amana DCF4205BT
Amana DCF4215AC
Amana DCF4215AW
Crosley CC35111BCV
Crosley CC38700ACV
Crosley CC3872XRA
Crosley CC3872XRW
Crosley CC3872XVA
Crosley CC3872XVW
Crosley CC3878VVV
Crosley CC3878VYV
Crosley CC6898VVV
Crosley CE35110BCV
Crosley CE35400AAQ
Crosley CE35400AAV
Crosley CE35400ACV
Crosley CE38300AAV
Crosley CE38300BAB
Crosley CE38300BAQ
Crosley CE38300BAT
Crosley CE38300BAV
Crosley CE38300BAW
Crosley CE38300BCV
Crosley CE38600AAB
Crosley CE38600AAQ
Crosley CE38600AAV
Crosley CE38600AAW
Crosley CE38600ACV
Crosley CE38700AAD
Crosley CE38700AAQ
Crosley CE38700AAV
Crosley CE38700BAQ
Crosley CE38700BAT
Crosley CE38700BAV
Crosley CE38700BAW
Crosley CE38700BCV
Crosley CE3875XRA
Crosley CE3875XRW
Crosley CE3878VVA
Crosley CE3878VVD
Crosley CE3878VVV
Crosley CE3878VVW
Crosley CE38800AAQ
Crosley CE38800AAS
Crosley CE38800AAV
Crosley CE38800AAW
Crosley CE38800ACS
Crosley CE38800ACV
Crosley CE38800BAS
Crosley CE6898VVA
Crosley CE6898VVV
Crosley CEA4D59TDV
Crosley CEA4D59TSV
Crosley CEW4D59TDV
Crosley CEW4D59TSV
Hardwick EPF9-71KA669A
Hardwick EPF9-71KW669A
Hardwick EPG9-77(*)589GF
Hardwick EPG9-77A589GF
Hardwick EPG9-77W589GF
Hardwick H3875XRA
Hardwick H3875XRW
Hardwick H3878XRA
Hardwick H3878XRW
Hardwick H3878XVA
Hardwick H3878XVB
Hardwick H3878XVW
Ikea ISE630VS11
Ikea ISE630WS00
Ikea ISE630WS01
Jenn-Air D156W
Jenn-Air FCE10500A
Jenn-Air FCE10500B
Jenn-Air FCE10500W
Jenn-Air FCE10500WC
Jenn-Air FCE10501WC
Jenn-Air FCE10510A
Jenn-Air FCE10510B
Jenn-Air FCE10510W
Jenn-Air FCE10610A
Jenn-Air FCE10610B
Jenn-Air FCE10610W
Jenn-Air FCE10610WC
Jenn-Air FCE2010B
Jenn-Air FCE2010W
Jenn-Air FCE2011B
Jenn-Air FCE2011W
Jenn-Air FCE2012B
Jenn-Air FCE2012W
Jenn-Air FCE30500A
Jenn-Air FCE30500B
Jenn-Air FCE30500W
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDB
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDB1
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDB10
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDS
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDS1
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDS10
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDW
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDW1
Jenn-Air JDR8880RDW10
Jenn-Air JDR8895AAB
Jenn-Air JDR8895AAS
Jenn-Air JDR8895AAW
Jenn-Air JDR8895ACB
Jenn-Air JDR8895ACS
Jenn-Air JDR8895ACW
Jenn-Air JDR8895BAB13
Jenn-Air JDR8895BAS13
Jenn-Air JDR8895BAW13
Jenn-Air JDR8895BCB13
Jenn-Air JDR8895BCS13
Jenn-Air JDR8895BCW13
Jenn-Air JDS8850AAB
Jenn-Air JDS8850AAQ
Jenn-Air JDS8850AAS
Jenn-Air JDS8850AAW
Jenn-Air JDS8850ACS
Jenn-Air JDS8850ACW
Jenn-Air JDS8850BDB
Jenn-Air JDS8850BDS
Jenn-Air JDS8850BDS19
Jenn-Air JDS8850BDW
Jenn-Air JDS8850BDW18
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDB00
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDB01
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDR00
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDS00
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDS01
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDS02
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDW00
Jenn-Air JDS8850CDW01
Jenn-Air JDS8860BDP
Jenn-Air JDS8860BDP16
Jenn-Air JDS8860BDP17
Jenn-Air JDS9860AAB
Jenn-Air JDS9860AAP
Jenn-Air JDS9860AAW
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACB
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACP
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACW
Jenn-Air JDS9860BCP
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDB
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDB21
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDS
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDS22
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDW
Jenn-Air JDS9860BDW21
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDB00
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDB01
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDS00
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDS01
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDS02
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDW00
Jenn-Air JDS9860CDW01
Jenn-Air JDS9861AAP
Jenn-Air JDS9865BDP
Jenn-Air JDS9865BDP22
Jenn-Air JDS9865BDP23
Jenn-Air JER8500AAA
Jenn-Air JER8500AAW
Jenn-Air JER8530AAQ
Jenn-Air JER8530AAW
Jenn-Air JER8550AAA
Jenn-Air JER8550AAB
Jenn-Air JER8550AAW
Jenn-Air JER8550ACB
Jenn-Air JER8550ACW
Jenn-Air JER8650AAA
Jenn-Air JER8650AAB
Jenn-Air JER8650AAW
Jenn-Air JER8750AAA
Jenn-Air JER8750AAB
Jenn-Air JER8750AAQ
Jenn-Air JER8750AAW
Jenn-Air JER8750ACB
Jenn-Air JER8750ACW
Jenn-Air JER8750BAB
Jenn-Air JER8750BAQ
Jenn-Air JER8750BAW
Jenn-Air JER8785QAB
Jenn-Air JER8785QAF
Jenn-Air JER8785QAN
Jenn-Air JER8785QAS
Jenn-Air JER8785RAB
Jenn-Air JER8785RAF
Jenn-Air JER8785RAS
Jenn-Air JER8849BCQ
Jenn-Air JER8849BCW
Jenn-Air JER8850AAA
Jenn-Air JER8850AAB
Jenn-Air JER8850AAQ
Jenn-Air JER8850AAW
Jenn-Air JER8850ACB
Jenn-Air JER8850ACW
Jenn-Air JER8850BAB
Jenn-Air JER8850BAQ
Jenn-Air JER8850BAW
Jenn-Air JER8854BCS
Jenn-Air JER8855AAS
Jenn-Air JER8855BAS
Jenn-Air JER8885QAB
Jenn-Air JER8885QAF
Jenn-Air JER8885QAS
Jenn-Air JER8885QCB
Jenn-Air JER8885QCS
Jenn-Air JER8885RAB
Jenn-Air JER8885RAF
Jenn-Air JER8885RAS
Jenn-Air JER8885RCB
Jenn-Air JER8885RCB1
Jenn-Air JER8885RCS
Jenn-Air JER8885RCS1
Jenn-Air JER8885RCW
Jenn-Air JER8885RCW1
Jenn-Air JER8895BAS10
Jenn-Air JER8895BAS11
Jenn-Air JER8895BAS12
Jenn-Air JES8750AAB
Jenn-Air JES8750AAW
Jenn-Air JES8750BAB
Jenn-Air JES8750BAB16
Jenn-Air JES8750BAF
Jenn-Air JES8750BAF16
Jenn-Air JES8750BAS
Jenn-Air JES8750BAS17
Jenn-Air JES8750CAB00
Jenn-Air JES8750CAS00
Jenn-Air JES8750CAS01
Jenn-Air JES8850AAB
Jenn-Air JES8850AAQ
Jenn-Air JES8850AAS
Jenn-Air JES8850AAW
Jenn-Air JES8850ACB
Jenn-Air JES8850ACS
Jenn-Air JES8850ACW
Jenn-Air JES8850BAB
Jenn-Air JES8850BAB19
Jenn-Air JES8850BAF
Jenn-Air JES8850BAF19
Jenn-Air JES8850BAQ
Jenn-Air JES8850BAS
Jenn-Air JES8850BAS20
Jenn-Air JES8850BCB
Jenn-Air JES8850BCB20
Jenn-Air JES8850BCS
Jenn-Air JES8850BCS21
Jenn-Air JES8850BCW
Jenn-Air JES8850CAB00
Jenn-Air JES8850CAB01
Jenn-Air JES8850CAF00
Jenn-Air JES8850CAF01
Jenn-Air JES8850CAS00
Jenn-Air JES8850CAS01
Jenn-Air JES8850CAS02
Jenn-Air JES8860CAB00
Jenn-Air JES8860CAS00
Jenn-Air JES8860CAW00
Jenn-Air JES8860CCB00
Jenn-Air JES8860CCS00
Jenn-Air JES8860CCS01
Jenn-Air JES8860CCS02
Jenn-Air JES8860CCW00
Jenn-Air JES9750AAB
Jenn-Air JES9750AAS
Jenn-Air JES9750BAB
Jenn-Air JES9750BAB17
Jenn-Air JES9750BAS
Jenn-Air JES9750BAS18
Jenn-Air JES9750BAW
Jenn-Air JES9750BAW17
Jenn-Air JES9750CAB00
Jenn-Air JES9750CAB01
Jenn-Air JES9750CAS00
Jenn-Air JES9750CAS01
Jenn-Air JES9750CAS02
Jenn-Air JES9750CAW00
Jenn-Air JES9750CAW01
Jenn-Air JES9800AAB
Jenn-Air JES9800AAQ
Jenn-Air JES9800AAS
Jenn-Air JES9800AAW
Jenn-Air JES9800ACB
Jenn-Air JES9800ACS
Jenn-Air JES9800ACW
Jenn-Air JES9800BAB
Jenn-Air JES9800BAF
Jenn-Air JES9800BAS
Jenn-Air JES9800BAS18
Jenn-Air JES9800CAB00
Jenn-Air JES9800CAB01
Jenn-Air JES9800CAB17
Jenn-Air JES9800CAF00
Jenn-Air JES9800CAF01
Jenn-Air JES9800CAF17
Jenn-Air JES9800CAR00
Jenn-Air JES9800CAR01
Jenn-Air JES9800CAS00
Jenn-Air JES9800CAS01
Jenn-Air JES9800CAS02
Jenn-Air JES9860AAB
Jenn-Air JES9860AAS
Jenn-Air JES9860AAW
Jenn-Air JES9860ACB
Jenn-Air JES9860ACS
Jenn-Air JES9860ACW
Jenn-Air JES9860BAB
Jenn-Air JES9860BAB18
Jenn-Air JES9860BAS
Jenn-Air JES9860BAS19
Jenn-Air JES9860BAW
Jenn-Air JES9860BAW18
Jenn-Air JES9860BCB
Jenn-Air JES9860BCS
Jenn-Air JES9860BCW
Jenn-Air JES9860CAB00
Jenn-Air JES9860CAB01
Jenn-Air JES9860CAS00
Jenn-Air JES9860CAS01
Jenn-Air JES9860CAS02
Jenn-Air JES9860CAW00
Jenn-Air JES9860CAW01
Jenn-Air JES9860CCB00
Jenn-Air JES9860CCS00
Jenn-Air JES9860CCS01
Jenn-Air JES9860CCS02
Jenn-Air JES9860CCW00
Jenn-Air JES9900BAB
Jenn-Air JES9900BAB19
Jenn-Air JES9900BAF
Jenn-Air JES9900BAF18
Jenn-Air JES9900BAF19
Jenn-Air JES9900BAS
Jenn-Air JES9900BAS20
Jenn-Air JES9900BCB
Jenn-Air JES9900BCB20
Jenn-Air JES9900BCS
Jenn-Air JES9900BCS21
Jenn-Air JES9900BCW
Jenn-Air JES9900BCW20
Jenn-Air JES9900CCB00
Jenn-Air JES9900CCB01
Jenn-Air JES9900CCS00
Jenn-Air JES9900CCS01
Jenn-Air JES9900CCS02
Jenn-Air JES9900CCW00
Jenn-Air JES9900CCW01
Jenn-Air JESS8860CCS01
Jenn-Air JEW8527AAB
Jenn-Air JEW8527AAW
Jenn-Air JEW8530AAB
Jenn-Air JEW8530AAW
Jenn-Air JEW8530ACB
Jenn-Air JEW8530ACW
Jenn-Air JEW8627AAB
Jenn-Air JEW8627AAW
Jenn-Air JEW8630AAB
Jenn-Air JEW8630AAW
Jenn-Air JEW9527AAB
Jenn-Air JEW9527AAS
Jenn-Air JEW9527AAW
Jenn-Air JEW9530AAB
Jenn-Air JEW9530AAS
Jenn-Air JEW9530AAW
Jenn-Air JEW9530ACB
Jenn-Air JEW9530ACW
Jenn-Air JEW9627AAB
Jenn-Air JEW9627AAS
Jenn-Air JEW9627AAW
Jenn-Air JEW9630AAB
Jenn-Air JEW9630AAS
Jenn-Air JEW9630AAW
Jenn-Air JEW9630ACB
Jenn-Air JEW9630ACW
Jenn-Air JJW8127AAB
Jenn-Air JJW8127AAW
Jenn-Air JJW8130AAB
Jenn-Air JJW8130AAW
Jenn-Air JJW8130DDB
Jenn-Air JJW8130DDS
Jenn-Air JJW8130DDW
Jenn-Air JJW8227AAB
Jenn-Air JJW8227AAW
Jenn-Air JJW8230AAB
Jenn-Air JJW8230AAW
Jenn-Air JJW8230DDB
Jenn-Air JJW8230DDS
Jenn-Air JJW8230DDW
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDB
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDB13
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDS
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDS13
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDW
Jenn-Air JJW8330DDW13
Kenmore 22-98002
Kenmore 22-98009
Kenmore 62260002600
Kenmore 62260003600
Kenmore 62260008600
Kenmore 62260009600
Kenmore 6294576
Kenmore 62945765690
Kenmore 62945765790
Kenmore 62945766790
Kenmore 62945769790
Kenmore 62945775
Kenmore 62945776
Kenmore 62945779
Kenmore 62946775690
Kenmore 62946775790
Kenmore 62946776790
Kenmore 62946779790
Kenmore 62946795
Kenmore 62946796
Kenmore 62946799
Kenmore 6294697
Kenmore 62946975
Kenmore 62946979
Kenmore 62960002600
Kenmore 62960002601
Kenmore 62960002606
Kenmore 62960003600
Kenmore 62960008600
Kenmore 62960008601
Kenmore 62960008606
Kenmore 62960009600
Kenmore 62960009601
Kenmore 62960009606
Kenmore 66598002700
Kenmore 66598002701
Kenmore 66598003700
Kenmore 66598003701
Kenmore 66598009700
Kenmore 66598009701
Kenmore 66598013700
Kenmore 66598013801
Kenmore 66598019700
Kenmore 66598019801
Magic Chef 3888VRA
Magic Chef 3888VRV
Magic Chef 3888VRV-Z
Magic Chef 3888VVA
Magic Chef 3888VVD
Magic Chef 3888VVV
Magic Chef 3888XPK
Magic Chef 3888XRB
Magic Chef 3888XVB
Magic Chef 38FK-6TXW
Magic Chef 38HA-3TXW-ON
Magic Chef 38HA-42TXW
Magic Chef 38HA-4TXW
Magic Chef 38HA-5TVW
Magic Chef 38HK-3TXW-ON
Magic Chef 38HK-4TXW
Magic Chef 38HK-5TXW
Magic Chef 38HK-6TXW
Magic Chef 38HN-3TXW-ON
Magic Chef 38HN-42TVW-EV
Magic Chef 38HN-42TXW
Magic Chef 38HN-4TXW
Magic Chef 38HN-5TVW
Magic Chef 38HN-5TVW-EV
Magic Chef 5892VRA
Magic Chef 5892VRV
Magic Chef 5892VVA
Magic Chef 5892VVV
Magic Chef 5892XRS
Magic Chef 5892XVS
Magic Chef 5898VRA
Magic Chef 5898VRV
Magic Chef 5898XRB
Magic Chef 58HA-4TVW
Magic Chef 58HA-6TVW
Magic Chef 58HK-6TXW
Magic Chef 58HN-4TVW
Magic Chef 58HN-6TVW
Magic Chef 59F-5TXW
Magic Chef 59FK-5TXWM
Magic Chef 59FN-5TVW
Magic Chef 59FN-5TVWM
Magic Chef 59G-5TXW
Magic Chef 59GN-5TVW
Magic Chef 68-454650
Magic Chef 68-454657
Magic Chef 68-4567-40
Magic Chef 68-456750
Magic Chef 68-456751
Magic Chef 68-456757
Magic Chef 68-4587-87
Magic Chef 6892VRA
Magic Chef 6892VRV
Magic Chef 6892VVA
Magic Chef 6892VVV
Magic Chef 6892XRA
Magic Chef 6892XRS
Magic Chef 6892XRW
Magic Chef 6892XVA
Magic Chef 6892XVS
Magic Chef 6892XVW
Magic Chef 6893VVD
Magic Chef 6893VVV
Magic Chef 6893XVB
Magic Chef 6895VRA
Magic Chef 6895VRV
Magic Chef 6896VVD
Magic Chef 6896VVV
Magic Chef 6896XVB
Magic Chef 6898VRA
Magic Chef 6898VRV
Magic Chef 6898VVA
Magic Chef 6898VVD
Magic Chef 6898VVV
Magic Chef 6898XRB
Magic Chef 6898XVB
Magic Chef 68HA-4TVW
Magic Chef 68HA-4TXW
Magic Chef 68HA-6TVW
Magic Chef 68HK-6TXW
Magic Chef 68HN-4TVW
Magic Chef 68HN-4TXW
Magic Chef 68HN-6TVW
Magic Chef 68HN-6TVW-SC
Magic Chef 7858XRA
Magic Chef 7858XRW
Magic Chef 7858XUA
Magic Chef 7858XUW
Magic Chef 7858XVA
Magic Chef 7858XVW
Magic Chef 7898VAD
Magic Chef 7898VAV
Magic Chef 7898VRA
Magic Chef 7898VRV
Magic Chef 7898VVV
Magic Chef 7898XRA
Magic Chef 7898XRW
Magic Chef 7898XVA
Magic Chef 9815VUV
Magic Chef 9815XUB
Magic Chef 9825VUV
Magic Chef 9825XUB
Magic Chef 9845VUV
Magic Chef 9845VVV
Magic Chef 9845XUB
Magic Chef 9845XVB
Magic Chef 9855VUV
Magic Chef 9855VVV
Magic Chef 9855XUB
Magic Chef 9855XVB
Magic Chef 9875VRV
Magic Chef 9875VVV
Magic Chef 9875VYV
Magic Chef 9875XRB
Magic Chef 9875XVB
Magic Chef 9875XYB
Magic Chef 9876VVV
Magic Chef 9876XVB
Magic Chef 9895VRV
Magic Chef 9895XRB
Magic Chef B38HA-3TXW-ON
Magic Chef B38HA-42TXW
Magic Chef B38HA-4TXW
Magic Chef B38HA-5TVW
Magic Chef B38HK-5TXW
Magic Chef B38HN-3TXW-ON
Magic Chef B38HN-42TVW-EV
Magic Chef B38HN-42TXW
Magic Chef B38HN-4TXW
Magic Chef B38HN-5TVW
Magic Chef B59FN-5TVW
Magic Chef C3523WVA
Magic Chef C3523WVV
Magic Chef C3862VYV
Magic Chef C3862XYB
Magic Chef C3868VYV
Magic Chef C3882VRV
Magic Chef C3882XRA
Magic Chef C3882XRW
Magic Chef C3888VRV
Magic Chef C3888VVV
Magic Chef C3888XRA
Magic Chef C3888XRW
Magic Chef C3888XVA
Magic Chef C3888XVW
Magic Chef C9875VRV
Magic Chef C9875VVV
Magic Chef C9875XRB
Magic Chef C9875XVB
Magic Chef CEP3540AAA
Magic Chef CEP3540AAQ
Magic Chef CEP3540AAW
Magic Chef CEP3760AAA
Magic Chef CEP3760AAB
Magic Chef CEP3760AAQ
Magic Chef CEP3760AAW
Magic Chef CER1125AAW
Magic Chef CER1125ACW
Magic Chef CER1360BCW
Magic Chef CER3520AAH
Magic Chef CER3520AAL
Magic Chef CER3520AAT
Magic Chef CER3520AGW
Magic Chef CER3525AAB
Magic Chef CER3525AAQ
Magic Chef CER3525AAW
Magic Chef CER3525ACW
Magic Chef CER3540AAA
Magic Chef CER3540AAH
Magic Chef CER3540AAL
Magic Chef CER3540AAQ
Magic Chef CER3540AAT
Magic Chef CER3540AAW
Magic Chef CER3540ACA
Magic Chef CER3540ACB
Magic Chef CER3540ACW
Magic Chef CER3540BAH
Magic Chef CER3540BAQ
Magic Chef CER3540BAT
Magic Chef CER3540BAW
Magic Chef CER3725AAB
Magic Chef CER3725AAQ
Magic Chef CER3725AAS
Magic Chef CER3725AAW
Magic Chef CER3725ACW
Magic Chef CER3725AGW
Magic Chef CER3735ACZ
Magic Chef CER3740AAH
Magic Chef CER3740AAL
Magic Chef CER3740AAT
Magic Chef CER3760AAA
Magic Chef CER3760AAH
Magic Chef CER3760AAL
Magic Chef CER3760AAQ
Magic Chef CER3760AAW
Magic Chef CER3760ACA
Magic Chef CER3760ACQ
Magic Chef CER3760ACW
Magic Chef CER3760AGH
Magic Chef CER3760AGW
Magic Chef CER3760BAC
Magic Chef CER3760BAH
Magic Chef CER3760BAQ
Magic Chef CER3760BAT
Magic Chef CER3760BAW
Magic Chef CER3760BGW
Magic Chef CER3765AAC
Magic Chef CER4351AGW
Magic Chef CES1350AAH
Magic Chef CES3540AAC
Magic Chef CES3540AAW
Magic Chef CES3540ACC
Magic Chef CES3540ACW
Magic Chef CES3759BCB
Magic Chef CES3759BCS
Magic Chef CES3759BCW
Magic Chef CES3760AAA
Magic Chef CES3760AAB
Magic Chef CES3760AAQ
Magic Chef CES3760AAW
Magic Chef CEW3330AAB
Magic Chef CEW3330AAW
Magic Chef CEW3330ACB
Magic Chef CEW3330ACW
Magic Chef DF454670
Magic Chef DF454676
Magic Chef DF454677
Magic Chef DF456570
Magic Chef DF456577
Maytag BCRE805
Maytag BCRE905
Maytag BCRE955
Maytag CHE9000ACB
Maytag CHE9000BCB
Maytag CHE9000BCE
Maytag CHE9800ACB
Maytag CHE9800ACE
Maytag CHE9800BCB
Maytag CHE9800BCE
Maytag CHE9800BCM
Maytag CHE9830BCB
Maytag CHE9830BCE
Maytag CRE7600CDE
Maytag CRE7700CDE
Maytag CRE7700CDM
Maytag CRE775
Maytag CRE7900ADE
Maytag CRE7900ADM
Maytag CRE805
Maytag CRE8600ACL
Maytag CRE8600ACW
Maytag CRE8600BCL
Maytag CRE8600BCW
Maytag CRE8600CCB
Maytag CRE8600CCE
Maytag CRE8600CCL
Maytag CRE8600CCM
Maytag CRE8600CCW
Maytag CRE8700ADE
Maytag CRE8700ADL
Maytag CRE8700ADW
Maytag CRE8700BDE
Maytag CRE8700BDL
Maytag CRE8700BDW
Maytag CRE8700CDE
Maytag CRE8700CDL
Maytag CRE8700CDW
Maytag CRE8700DDE
Maytag CRE8700DDM
Maytag CRE883
Maytag CRE9300BCW
Maytag CRE9400ACE
Maytag CRE9400ACL
Maytag CRE9400ACW
Maytag CRE9400BCE
Maytag CRE9400BCL
Maytag CRE9400BCM
Maytag CRE9400BCW
Maytag CRE9400CCB
Maytag CRE9400CCE
Maytag CRE9400CCL
Maytag CRE9400CCM
Maytag CRE9400CCW
Maytag CRE9500ACE
Maytag CRE9500ACL
Maytag CRE9500ACW
Maytag CRE9500ADE
Maytag CRE9500ADL
Maytag CRE9500ADW
Maytag CRE9500BCE
Maytag CRE9500BCL
Maytag CRE9500BCW
Maytag CRE9500BDE
Maytag CRE9500BDL
Maytag CRE9500BDW
Maytag CRE9500CCE
Maytag CRE9500CCM
Maytag CRE9500CDE
Maytag CRE9500CDL
Maytag CRE9500CDW
Maytag CRE9500DDE
Maytag CRE9500DDM
Maytag CRE9530BCE
Maytag CRE9530BCM
Maytag CRE9530CDE
Maytag CRE9530CDM
Maytag CRE955
Maytag CRE9600ACE
Maytag CRE9600ACL
Maytag CRE9600ACW
Maytag CRE9600ADE
Maytag CRE9600ADL
Maytag CRE9600ADW
Maytag CRE9600BCE
Maytag CRE9600BCL
Maytag CRE9600BCW
Maytag CRE9600CCE
Maytag CRE9600CCM
Maytag CRE9600CDE
Maytag CRE9600CDL
Maytag CRE9600CDW
Maytag CRE9600CGE
Maytag CRE9600DDE
Maytag CRE9600DDM
Maytag CRE9700ACB
Maytag CRE9700ACE
Maytag CRE9700ADB
Maytag CRE9700ADE
Maytag CRE9800ACB
Maytag CRE9800ACE
Maytag CRE9800ADB
Maytag CRE9800ADE
Maytag CRE9800BCB
Maytag CRE9800BCE
Maytag CRE9800CCB
Maytag CRE9800CCE
Maytag CRE9800CCM
Maytag CRE9800CDB
Maytag CRE9800CDE
Maytag CRE9800DDB
Maytag CRE9800DDE
Maytag CRE9800DDM
Maytag CRE9830BCB
Maytag CRE9830BCE
Maytag CRE9830BCM
Maytag CRE9830BCR
Maytag CRE9830CDB
Maytag CRE9830CDE
Maytag CRE9830CDM
Maytag CRE9900ACB
Maytag CRE9900ACE
Maytag CWE4200ACB
Maytag CWE4800ACB
Maytag CWE4800ACE
Maytag CWE5200ACB
Maytag CWE5800ACB
Maytag CWE5800ACE
Maytag CWE7000ACB
Maytag CWE7000ACE
Maytag CWE7800ACB
Maytag CWE900
Maytag CWE9000BCB
Maytag CWE9000BCE
Maytag CWE9000BCM
Maytag CWE9000BDB
Maytag CWE9000CDB
Maytag CWE9000DDB
Maytag CWE9000DDE
Maytag CWE9030BCB
Maytag CWE9030BCE
Maytag CWE9030BDB
Maytag CWE9030BDE
Maytag CWE9030DDB
Maytag CWE9030DDE
Maytag CWE9900
Maytag CX9875VVV
Maytag CX9875VYV
Maytag CX9875XYB
Maytag ECWE900
Maytag G3862XRA
Maytag G3862XRW
Maytag GA3872XUW
Maytag GA3878XUW
Maytag GM3862XUW
Maytag GM3868XUA
Maytag GM3868XUW
Whirlpool GGE350LWB00
Whirlpool GGE350LWQ00
Whirlpool GGE350LWS00
Whirlpool GY397LXUB0
Whirlpool GY397LXUB02
Whirlpool GY397LXUB03
Whirlpool GY397LXUQ0
Whirlpool GY397LXUQ03
Whirlpool GY397LXUQ04
Whirlpool GY397LXUS0
Whirlpool GY397LXUS02
Whirlpool GY397LXUS03
Whirlpool GY397LXUT0
Whirlpool GY397LXUT02
Whirlpool GY397LXUT03
Whirlpool GY399LXUB0
Whirlpool GY399LXUB02
Whirlpool GY399LXUB03
Whirlpool GY399LXUB04
Whirlpool GY399LXUQ0
Whirlpool GY399LXUQ04
Whirlpool GY399LXUQ05
Whirlpool GY399LXUS0
Whirlpool GY399LXUS02
Whirlpool GY399LXUS03
Whirlpool GY399LXUS04
Whirlpool GY399LXUT0

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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Jenn Air
Magic Chef
Montgomery Wards

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