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  • 189324 | Bosch Range Spark Igniter Replacement
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00189324 (4 Pack) | Bosch Range Spark Igniter Replacement

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SKU: APN189324_4PK
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Replacement surface burner spark igniter used on some Bosch and Thermador gas range models.

Directly Replaces: 00189324, AP2838563, 1014099, 189324, 189719, 189773, 189889, 20-02-041, 20-02-043, 20-02-377, 20-09-245, 35-00-436, 413966, 488832, AH3440546, EA3440546, PS3440546, PS8698440, B001E0LH6Q.


  • Gas burner spark electrode.
  • Approx. 1 7/8"L x 0.375"W.

APN189324_4PK Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

Don't see your model? Use the Check Compatibility link below.
Bosch NGP732UC/01
Bosch NGP735UC/01
Bosch NGP736UC/01
Bosch NGP742UC-01
Bosch NGP742UC/01
Bosch NGP745UC/01
Bosch NGP746UC/01
Bosch NGP932UC/01
Bosch NGP935UC/01
Bosch NGP936UC/01
Bosch NGP942UC/01
Bosch NGP945UC/01
Bosch NGP946UC/01
Bosch NGT732UC/01
Bosch NGT735UC/01
Bosch NGT736UC/01
Bosch NGT742UC/01
Bosch NGT745UC/01
Bosch NGT746UC/01
Bosch NGT932UC/01
Bosch NGT935UC/01
Bosch NGT936UC/01
Bosch NGT942UC/01
Bosch NGT945UC/01
Bosch NGT946UC/01
Thermador CD365U
Thermador CD456U
Thermador CGX304U
Thermador CGX365U
Thermador CGX456U
Thermador GGN36
Thermador GGN36W
Thermador GGNCV36
Thermador GGNCV36W
Thermador GGS36
Thermador GGSCV36
Thermador GPS364GD
Thermador GPS364GDS
Thermador GPS364GL
Thermador GPS364GLS
Thermador GPS366
Thermador GPS366S
Thermador GPS484GG
Thermador GPS484GGS
Thermador GPS484WKS
Thermador GPS486GD
Thermador GPS486GDS
Thermador GPS486GL
Thermador GPS486GLS
Thermador PD366BS/01
Thermador PD366BS/02
Thermador PD366BS/03
Thermador PD366BS/04
Thermador PD366BS/05
Thermador PD366BS/06
Thermador PD366BS/07
Thermador PD366BS/08
Thermador PD366BS/09
Thermador PD366BS/10
Thermador PD484GED01
Thermador PDR364GDZS/01
Thermador PDR364GDZS/02
Thermador PDR364GDZS/03
Thermador PDR364GDZS/04
Thermador PDR364GDZS/05
Thermador PDR364GDZS/06
Thermador PDR364GDZS/07
Thermador PDR364GDZS/08
Thermador PG484GGEBS/08
Thermador PRG364GL
Thermador PRG364GLUS
Thermador PRG366
Thermador PRG366US
Thermador PRG484GGUS
Thermador PRG486GDUS
Thermador PRG486GLUS
Thermador PRSE304S
Thermador PRSE364GD
Thermador PRSE364GDS
Thermador PRSE364GL
Thermador PRSE364GLS
Thermador PRSE366
Thermador PRSE366S
Thermador PRSE48-4GG
Thermador PRSE48-6GD
Thermador PRSE48-6GL
Thermador PRSE484GGS
Thermador PRSE486GDS
Thermador PRSG304
Thermador PRSG304S
Thermador PRSG364GD
Thermador PRSG364GDS
Thermador PRSG364GL
Thermador PRSG364GLS
Thermador PRSG366
Thermador PRSG366S
Thermador RDF30
Thermador RDF30Q
Thermador RDF30QB (9708 & UP)
Thermador RDF30QB(PRIOR-9708)
Thermador RDF30QW (9708 & UP)
Thermador RDF30QW(PRIOR-9708)
Thermador RDF30RS (9707 & UP)
Thermador RDF30RS(PRIOR-9707)
Thermador RDFS30Q
Thermador RDSS30Q
Thermador RDSS30RS/01
Thermador SCG365RB
Thermador SCG365RW
Thermador SCG456RW
Thermador SGC304RB
Thermador SGC304RS
Thermador SGC304RW
Thermador SGC365RB
Thermador SGC365RS
Thermador SGC365RW
Thermador SGC456RB
Thermador SGC456RS
Thermador SGC456RW
Thermador SGCS304RB
Thermador SGCS304RS
Thermador SGCS304RW
Thermador SGCS355RS
Thermador SGCS365RB
Thermador SGCS365RS
Thermador SGCS365RW
Thermador SGCS456RB
Thermador SGCS456RS
Thermador SGCS456RW
Thermador SGN30B
Thermador SGN30S
Thermador SGN30W
Thermador SGN36GB
Thermador SGN36GS
Thermador SGN36GW
Thermador SGNCV36GB
Thermador SGNCV36GS
Thermador SGNCV36GW
Thermador SGS30B
Thermador SGS30S
Thermador SGS30W
Thermador SGS36GB
Thermador SGS36GS
Thermador SGS36GW
Thermador SGSCV36GB
Thermador SGSCV36GS
Thermador SGSCV36GW

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