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  • 025-32625-000 | York Furnace Igniter Replacement

025-32625-000 | York Furnace Igniter Replacement

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$25.39 $18.25
SKU: ER02532625000

Replacement Ignitor for some Carrier, Coleman, Goodman, ICP, Lennox, Luxaire, Rheem, Trane, White Rodgers and York Furnace models.

Directly Replaces: 025-32625-000, S1-02532742000, 10541000, 10399, 09050, 41-408, 41-402-DUP, IG402K, ER1411, 41-1402, 767A-371, SIG402, 41402, 41-402, 2332750, 2979546, 767A-371, TJIG402K, AP5324696, IG402K.


  • Approx. 3.5"L x 1.25"W.
  • 5.5" Leads.

Compatible Models

Compatible with the following models:

York 6MG03
York 6MG04
York 6MG05
York 6MG06
York 6MG07
York 6MG08
York 6MG09
York 6MG10
York 6MG11
York 6MG12
York 6MG13
York 6MG14
York 6MG15
York 6MG16
York 6MG17
York 6MG18
York 6MG19
York 6MG20
York 6MG21
York 6MG22
York 6MG23
York BGM05012BD
York BGM05012BU
York BGM05012BXD
York BGM05012BXU
York BGM07512BD
York BGM07512BU
York BGM07512BXD
York BGM07512BXU
York BGM07516BD
York BGM07516BU
York BGM07516BXD
York BGM07516BXU
York BGM10016BD
York BGM10016BU
York BGM10016BXD
York BGM10016BXU
York BGM10020BD
York BGM10020BU
York BGM10020BXD
York BGM10020BXU
York BGM12520BD
York BGM12520BU
York BGM12520BXD
York BGM12520BXU
York BGU05010A
York BGU05012A
York BGU07512A
York BGU07516A
York BGU10016A
York BGU10020A
York BGU12520A
York BGU15020A
York BGU15020B
York CM8M060A12MP11
York CM8M080B12MP11
York CM8M080C16MP11
York CM8M100C16MP11
York CM8M100C20MP11
York CM8M120C20MP11
York CM9M060B12MP11
York CM9M080B12MP11
York CM9M080C16MP11
York CM9M100C16MP11
York CM9M100C20MP11
York CM9M120D20MP11
York CMLM060A12MP11
York CMLM060A12MP11
York CMLM080B12MP11
York CMLM080B12MP11
York CMLM080C16MP11
York CMLM080C16MP11
York CMLM100C16MP11
York CMLM100C16MP11
York CMLM100C20MP11
York CMLM100C20MP11
York CMLM120C20MP11
York CMLM120C20MP11
York CP8C060A12MP11
York CP8C080B12MP11
York CP8C080C16MP11
York CP8C100C16MP11
York CP8C100C20MP11
York CP8C120C20MP11
York CP9C060B12MP11
York CP9C060B12MP12C
York CP9C080B12MP11
York CP9C080B12MP12C
York CP9C080C16MP11
York CP9C080C16MP12C
York CP9C100C16MP11
York CP9C100C16MP12C
York CP9C100C20MP11
York CP9C100C20MP12C
York CP9C120D20MP11
York CP9C120D20MP12C
York CPLC060A12MP11
York CPLC060A12MP11
York CPLC060A12MP12C
York CPLC080B12MP11
York CPLC080B12MP11
York CPLC080B12MP12C
York CPLC080C16MP11
York CPLC080C16MP11
York CPLC080C16MP12C
York CPLC100C16MP11
York CPLC100C16MP11
York CPLC100C16MP12C
York CPLC100C20MP11
York CPLC100C20MP11
York CPLC100C20MP12C
York CPLC120C20MP11
York CPLC120C20MP11
York CPLC120C20MP12C

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